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But I had to keep on going I wanted to find out more and more. I wanted to read more! The story is just so good omg. I found Fritz's route to be best storywise imo. I had so much fun, I would definitely recommend this VN to people. I feel so lucky knowing this was freeee. I expected less, but oh boy. Definitely totally beyond my expectations. I've done Karma, Rod and Waltz so far and have yet to finish with a good ending in the first run through. But, that kinda makes it better. The stories are so engaging and I love how each ending differs as you go along. You should check this hilarious video out.

OK so I've done all three main story's and I've gotten both good and bad endings but I didn't get the good ending emblems for rod and rumple what am I not doing right?? This game spoiled me. This is the first visual novel that actually made me care for everyone in the story. Every route had a guy who made you understand what challenges they have to go through. Take Rod for example. Almost every dating sim will have this one guy who is cold towards you. What made Rod stand out was that he had a reason for not liking you. The protagonist was so cold she severed the bond with him and the rest of her family.

Because she hurt him and his sister, he grew to dislike her which made the fix-your-family thing actually fun to do. Another route is Rumpel. He isn't just some flirt, but he is also way too kind to the point to becomes a flaw and he taught me that being too kind might be your downfall. The main character is also great. I loved her character development.

Honestly when she learned that she had to be nice to get her curse broken, I just assumed, "Oh that's easy. She will just start being nice and have her curse broken in a week.

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It actually showed how hard it was for the protagonist to stop being cold. It didn't switch her personality like a light switch. Instead, her had her do steps towards being a good person. Again this game met my high standards and I want Dicesuki to do another visual novel that matches this game's style. It's so hard to find dating sims that are this good. Scenes do not feel forced at all and it's just-- amazing.

Rod is my favorite so far I have yet to go through Fritz and Waltz route--and I find Waltz the most interesting and it's super satisfying to see a character who hates you because of something other than "I'm insecure, and I've been hurt in the past mysteriously". And I usually hate characters who are "too good" like Rumpel, because I always feel like they're made just to be liked by the players because they're "too pure for this world" and have no real depth.

This is such an amazing game! I so far have gotten through both endings for Rod and Karma Karma being my favorite! But, I stopped playing for two days, and my game got undownloaded, and now it won't download! I'm not sure how it happened, but I really hope I don't lose my progress. Thank you for playing Cinderella Phenomenon.

We're glad you're enjoying it so far. The first version was built in a different version of our game engine so the game files may have not been carried over. Though, there is still the possibility of the dialogue you have already read being skippable so you could catch up to where you last left-off. Otherwise, open the Settings menu. Click "All" under Skip so that Skip Mode would skip what you have read and haven't read. If you don't want Skip Mode to stop after every choice, click "Skip" under the After Choices section.

Thank you so much for making this game, it really was amazing! The art is just gorgeous, and I really liked all the stories. Also thanks for recommending the playing order, I'm glad I decided to stick to it more or less. I went for Rod first. What I liked about his route was how the princess managed to mend what she'd done wrong with her stepfamily. The real Cinderella tale.

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Second I decided to get Mr. Casanova out of the way. While I really liked his appearance in his introduction CG, as soon as he spoke, I facedesked. But then he was a pleasant surprise, having much more to him than his flirting. I was debating whether to save our crossdresser for last or not, but guessed it would be better to save the locked paths for last.

He really charmed me psst, his curse was based on my favorite fairytale! I feel kind of ashamed I didn't realize what was going on with the curse, even though I had a hunch about who he is , and I really thought he'd stay my favorite till the end. His bad end really is tragic though. Well, that's what I thought at that moment. Fritz's route easily surpassed it. That route, as a whole, was so dark, and it made me cry three times. And we didn't even get to see him a lot I'm really happy I played his route last, and that I played without RCI and got the bad ending first.

Finishing the game with the true, "fairytale" happy ending was really satisfying: His route still gave me some surprises, mostly about the past. Sso much that I can't choose a favorite anymore between Karma and Waltz. One more thing I wanted to say, you touched on some possibly sensitive topics, romancing a step-brother and someone trapped as a child, but you handled it carefully and nicely! So congratulations and thank you again for this great work, I really had fun reading this past week. I'm looking forward to see more VNs from you: When a game on Itch. I'll happily recommend this to anyone.

Great art, story, characters - clearly a ot of hard work and love went into this. Really happy I found it. This game is so amazing and I'm so happy my friend showed it to me! I just had one question because one day when I opened it up all of my saves disappeared and now I can't load anything anymore: We don't have a proper explanation for what caused this unless you have deleted yoursave files by going through the folders or clicking the "X". If it still is, kindly open settings. Click "All" under Skip section.

It should skip all lines you have read and haven't read. It will definitely stop at the choice menus. Unless you also clicked "Skip" under After Choices in settings, you can click the skip button again until you reach the last scene you've read. Let us know if the problem persists. Sorry for the trouble! After restarting my computer and re-opening and closing the game a few times, all the saves came back!

I am absolutely in love with this game! The game was amazingly well made. I liked the fact that Lucette wasn't the typical protagonist. She was mean and cold and at first, you kinda dislike her but as the story goes on, you learn why she is like that and actually start to sympathize with her.

All of the characters were well written and likable, which isn't something that is always easy to do so congratulation on that. The story just draws you in, helped of course with the amazing backgrounds and character design. Honestly, one of the best visual novels I've played and I could not have asked for more.

Can't wait to see what you will create next! Such a wonderful visual novel! I'm having a blast and I haven't even gotten that far into it yet. It's such an incredible use of fairy tales. I think that's my favorite thing about it, the premise you've woven around it. There's a lot of setup for well-paced, robust character development here and the story hits all the marks to be expected without depending too much on overused tropes. The artwork is great and everything gels together well in the world you're building instead of the locations and attire being eccentric and all over the place "just because".

The writing reveals a lot about each character without being too heavy handed and I think you guys chose the right background music for each shift in tone. I don't really have anything negative to say about it. Of all the serious visual novels I play, this is definitely one of the better ones. Also, kudos on the original theme and for taking the time to make it! Not a lot of people take the time to make an intro like that for their visual novels.

I'm looking forward to finishing this out. Good luck with this and with your future projects! This is one of the most phenomenal visual novels I've had the pleasure of experiencing. The plot is complex and not straight forward, and it changes depending on the route you take. Although very strong warning to future players.

This game tugs at your heartstrings hard. There's a particular order I recommend playing the routes in. I made that mistake and I strongly regret it. Thank you so very much for creating this game. Tha art is totally amaing and the story is interesting There are so much good comments here, so I will not say anything new about how good this game are.

But I really want to thank you for making this game free. And I could not believe that your game is sooo good AND free. Really, thank you so very much for it! I am just wondering if there will be a continue of this game or like extra stories about the princess and like any of the guys. I just finished the whole game, I love it so much I had to create an account just to tell you this! Thank you so much for bringing this game to us, and thank you for putting in so much effort to make this experience so amazing.

The thing I love the most about this game aside from the beautiful graphics - backgrounds are especially amazing - and soundtracks is how the characters are written, every one of them is so distinct from each other, plus they all have their own personal flaws and things they need to overcome which makes them so much more relatable as humans.

So thank you again, Dicesuki, really glad I found this game. You open the folder, double click application, extract all files, and then once it's done, double click the application which should have the glass slipper icon and play: Or you can use the itch. Download the game directly from their software and you can easily launch it from there. The plot is amazing, I usually never comment on any game's page but I had to with this one! I love this game so much, it's very exciting and fun, I love the story and the characters, graphics and such: Everyone has already said what I like most about the writing of this game, so please do me a favor and pass my appreciation along to whoever composed the music!

Great writing and great art don't become great visual novels until great music is added too. I have played so many games in the past, and every once in a while, I find myself a gem that I spend days completing and replaying. I am so happy to say that this game is one of them. I love CP so much.

The art is beautiful. The little details in the characters' designs make them feel really alive. In their expressions and what not. I hope we'll see more of your work, and good luck IRL and on whatever projects you have currently! He's friendly but a little flirtatious. Like everyone in he family he's going insane. He tries to hide it but somethings are inevitable. He's shy and quiet. He gets embarrassed easily and doesn't know how to communicate well with others. He's strong, distant, cold, and can be hurtful but he's really just trying to hide his acual feelings. He's strong and easily angered.

He likes to tease people too.

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He can say hurtful things at times. First welcome to Amaranthia. You can put pictures here using [. I saw your progress on lemma soft and it looks great so far, I like it.. Your story line looks good and Im kinna no a lot into wonderland stories right now, and have you ever read Heart no kuni no alice its got a boy named elliot in it and he's the hatters assistant though, oh well. Nice storyline Cant wait to see screen shots! Er, vnlover, you're uploading these directly from your computer. It cannot work just like that.

You have to upload them into an online image archive like Photobucket or Imageshack. Hey, does the March Hare miss an arm? The story's really nice, and I love it. Especially the VERy nice twist. Although I suggest you hire some sort of consultant or co-writer or something And yea I'm on lemma soft LumenAstrum. I just wanted to spread the word ya know? Just don't know who would do it hmmmmm.

I love playing Otome games as much as RPG's! The story line is great and you characters seem so adorably cute!!

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Hey guys I know I don't update much on this thing cause my main spot is lemmasoftforum. Anyway I'm sad cause my artist is sad and when ur artist is sad their likely not to draw.

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You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Your Games in Development Search In. Posted April 28, He rather not trouble others. Kaito rabbit Unlike his ancestor, Kaito is never late for anything. He's incredibly relaxed and carefree. He also has a horrible sense for direction. Those are the dateable guy characters. Mary White Princess A kind, sweet, and caring girl who's forte is magic and healing.

Rinny Dormouse She's a young child who's energetic and skilled with a sword.