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Also, because the majority of Czechs have good employment, they are not out to capture a rich man from the West. Having successfully broken free from the shackles of Communism, the Czechs are open to meeting people from other cultures.

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Czech girls are especially interested in meeting guys from countries such as the United States, the UK, Germany and France, and have no problem should it come to relocating to one of these countries. Remember — manners maketh man! Czech men are usually boorish, macho, smoke like chimneys and spit freely. Therefore, a well-mannered man from another country will be of utmost interest to a good-natured, beautiful Czech girl. Most Czech women and girls are looking for a serious, long-term relationship, with a possible view to marriage.

A good sense of humour is always a great asset and is essential for those difficult moments, such as breaking the ice when two people meet for the first time. A clean pair of trousers, a shirt and jacket will be okay for your first encounter — and, of course, clean shoes. A suit and tie are also okay, but perhaps a little OTT. As with everything, dress codes depend upon the situation.

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If you are planning a trip to the opera, dress accordingly. As mentioned above, in the winter there are not too many people strolling along the sidewalks. But summer is a totally different experience. You will be amazed at how many beautiful young ladies seem to be everywhere.

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Not too sure about Czech women? Maybe you should try other nice, kind, foreign women, for example from the Ukraine , Romania, Thailand, Belarus, Slovakia , Hungary or Russia. These women will also inspire you and help to make your life very enjoyable. Just check through our profiles and start chatting.

Czech women Ah, the Czech Republic.

What do Czech ladies look like? How do I date a single female from Czech Republic? Open doors for your lady, and allow her to enter first.

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Help her on with her coat, and listen attentively to her conversation. Do not treat your date as some piece of eye-candy. She will expect to be treated as an equal partner, so remember to consult her on all those important decisions that turn up out of the blue. If you dont mind me asking, was it a big deal for your family and friends that you were dating a moroccan or an ethiopian?

I have a little personal story of my own to share with you. As far as backgrounds are concerned, I am half-Czech. This is because my dad is Czech and my mum is English. They been married for I think 26 years now. I guess mum has no problems with that arrangement so far. I'm happy for your parents but in this context your remark is irrelevant.

We are not talking about beer versus whisky or rohliky versus sliced bread.


This is about basic attitudes toward sex and marriage. My Ethiopian boyfriend's father had three wives, nearly twenty sons and an unspecified number of daughters. I wonder how your mother would fit in that environment. Would love conquer such odds? In fact, non-Western men tend to project liberal image when abroad but at home they conform to whatever code is acceptable in their society. Just recently, an Indian friend said to me that women were highly-prized in his homeland. I wish that were true but according to statistics there are two million girls missing in India due to selective abortions.

I appreciate your private message but I prefer to keep this debate in the open.

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You will find that Western attitude toward inter-racial dating is much the same whether in the Czech Republic or in France, England, Sweden or the United States. Some like it, some don't. Done casually, it may be fun. I'm just concerned about the long-term issues.

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However, I'm inclined to think that your concern is more related to cultural rather than racial issues. The race issue correct me if I'm wrong, Speed is the focus of the question originally posed here. I'm curious, if we factor out the cultural differences, leaving only the racial difference, would this seem a viable relationship for you or any other Czech who cares to respond to this?

Say for instance, your Ethopian hunk had been raised in Europe perhaps even the C. How would this affect your perspective on having a long-term relationship with him or even marrying him? This is more the perspective of the average American when considering the issue of interracial relationships. Eva, do not be so hasty as to disregard my story as irrelevant. Lets remember that the topic of this debate is "Attitudes of young Czechs towards inter-racial dating. I have an indian friend at work who has assimilated our culture quite well NZ and he is in a relationship with a kiwi girl thats been going on for over a year now.

To me this shows that inter-racial relationships can work.

Why single Czech Women and Slovak Women, or women from EasternEurope?

There is another indian guy at work who moved over to NZ a lot later and is very ethnic culturally. He is far more marginalized than my other friend because he doesn't accept our culture and prefers to stay with his own. Your stories about the lying nature of foreigners abroad is emotionally charged and irrational. Okay so yes perhaps some indians will get rid of their daughters in favour of males, however not all will be like this. According to my Indian friend the cow is considered sacred in India, but me and him chow down on McDonalds all the time. Okay so we've established that inter-racial can work so long as the culture is similar.

But what about different cultures?

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As you've stated, your boyfriends father had a harem and a host of children. However, you also say about foreigners abroad that "at home they conform to whatever code is acceptable in their society. Surely they would adopt the culture of their loved one.