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Results 1 to 10 of Some unusual 8 bubble 7 Up bottles I have been doing some research on the early 7 Up bottles since I bought these four bottles a few days ago and have discovered that all 3 variations I have are rather unsual 8 bubble 7 Up bottles according to what I read in the Soda Fizz articles by Bill Lockhart http: All of the bottles in the photo are from Norwalk, Ohio but the two on the right are also marked Columbus, Ohio and they are the same except for the one on the far right has the neck label on the side.

I am not sure of the dates on these but they must be in the range except for the one on the left which is dated Some unusual 8 bubble 7 Up bottles Back labels. Some unusual 8 bubble 7 Up bottles Those are very nice. The third one is super rare.

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Some unusual 8 bubble 7 Up bottles I think this is the earliest bottle of the group and it appears to be a transition bottle. It has what must be one of the earliest neck ACLs on a 7 Up and it is also embossed 7 UP on the other side of the neck plus it is embossed on the heel: The bottom is marked with an R in a triangle: The other bottle like this one in the first photo has no markings on the bottom.

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The bubble girl's swimsuit is filled in with white which is different than all the others I've seen. The bottle appears to be near mint but the paint is strange looking with the white looking more like gray and the sheild is very orange. Some unusual 8 bubble 7 Up bottles Label close up. It is tough to get a good clear picture of this label. Some unusual 8 bubble 7 Up bottles This 8 bubble label is more typical but the neck label is different.

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On this bottle there is no more mention of Columbus, Ohio and the bubble girl's swimsuit is not painted. The base has an R in a triangle with a 5 below it and above it. Some unusual 8 bubble 7 Up bottles You may have thought that this label with a date of is not an 8 bubble label but upon closer inspection I noticed that although the main label and neck labels have 7 bubbles this one still has 8 bubbles above the bubble girl.

The bubbles match the configuration on the bottle pictured just before this one.

7 up bottles question?

I looked at my 7 bubble label on my Cleveland bottle and the bubbles were positioned differently than this one. This one is also marked with an R in a triangle but the 41 to the right clearly seems to be the date. Does anyone know what company used the R in a triangle mark? See pictures for condition. Constructed of a thin cardboard and stamped "Printed in U.

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Patrick's Day bottle topper advertising piece. One is a 28 oz.


On bottom of bottle it says 76 so we think it is from One is a 28 fl. Styrofoam wrapped bottle, no deposit, dispose of properly. New, Reproduction Tin Sign. It is in very good condition with bold clear lettering and nice colors. This is a nice clean piece. I have included photographs of both the front and back to help you see condition and content. Total of 3 Bottles and 1 Can.

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