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I' ll see how things goat my next appointment on Thursday and decide what I do from there. Thanks for your comments! I'm in QC and went through a fertility clinic who gave me a dating ultrasound at week 6. Then we were switched to an OBGYN who scheduled us for an ultrasound at week 11 haven't had it yet, but it's definitely scheduled.

First Ultrasound - Dating Ultrasound - 10 Weeks Pregnant

I guess it depends on the province? With my first I had one ultrasound at 20 weeks, but heard the heartbeat at every appointment after the 12 week mark. This time around I had an ultrasound at the ER around 11 weeks, but that was because I was having some spotting. Your gp should use the Doppler at your next appointment which will give you some peace of mind.

Remember too that an ultrasound doesn't necessarily prove everything is fine - it's a point in time, and all that means is that your baby is fine in that moment. I don't want to say that to scare you, but rather just wanted to point out that the vast majority of pregnancies go very well, and more frequent ultrasounds aren't going to make much of a difference unless you're high risk and the baby needs to be monitored.

When you read those stories out of he US, you'll also see stories of women who had an ultrasound at 8 weeks that was fine, only to have one a couple weeks later and the heart has stopped. You could also consider but in a Doppler for use at home if it makes you feel better. In a month or two you'll probably start feeling flutters which is another great way to keep track of your baby: I received 3 ultrasounds but 2 is the norm.

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I got one at 6 weeks to confirm the pregnancy, another at 12 weeks and then an anatomy scan at 20 weeks. I believe my GP checked the heart rate at 14 weeks?

Week 8: Your Baby's First Ultrasound

There was a certain week where you could hear it. I won't have an ultrasound till 20 weeks unless they assume something is wrong. Heart beat can usually not be heard till 12 weeks and sometimes not even then. And I'm sure you would have gotten your period by now if you were not actually pregnant lol. Ask your doc about the IPS.

6 week ultrasound in Ontario???

However you might be a bit tight on time for the IPS. It's looking to see if you are at higher risk for things like Down's syndrome and a few other chromosomal issues.

The ultrasound needs to be done by week They measure something called Nuclear Translucency which is the amount of fluid on the back of the neck. After week 13 approx that fluid is absorbed which is normal so they can't determine anything.

Routine ultrasound

My doc offers that but also makes patients consider how they will feel depending on the results. If the results come back abnormal it does not mean there are these genetic abnormalities just a higher risk for them. To determine if the baby actually has something it would need more invasive testing. My doc asks if the results of the IPS are abnormal how will the knowledge and stress affect you and is that worth it to you? They can't actually tell much about the pregnancy until the week mark through ultrasound, as most babies develop very similarly during that time.

Time of first ultrasound ?

For both pregnancies my doctor didn't send me for ultrasounds until 20 weeks. Many doctors try to limit the amount of ultrasounds given as they're not good for the baby.

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  • She would of checked the heart beat too. I also was offered genetic testing around 11 weeks that Included a scan but declined because I am low risk and I just didn't care for it. Go to emerge and say you have cramps. They'll give you a ultrasound. I did that before I announced for the exact same reason. N Time of first ultrasound?

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    Both health organizations stress the positive aspects of fetal ultrasounds, such as assessing the fetus' growth and development, looking out for potential anomalies and even allowing for bonding between parent and child, but emphasize the necessity for a doctor or midwife's prescription and proper training. Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. AlexRaths via Getty Images. Earlier this year, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada and the Canadian Association of Radiologists released a joint statement with a similar sentiment to the FDA, but added some concerns about how these clinics are run, and the potential health problems that can result: Pregnancy Week By Week.

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