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This has got to be very tough for you. When he is back to health, you should share your feelings with him and let him know how you feel — nothing may change but at least you can open the lines of communication with him and perhaps he can share some of his deepest hurts and feelings with you at the loss of his wife and your mother.

And perhaps he will be aware of his insensitivity to you in addressing this lady by calling her Angel, etc. One thing is for sure, just as our parents could never select our friends or mates in life — we neither can select theirs. He may try to replace your mother in his life with another…but after that many years of marriage, he will never be able to. He may be able to fulfill some of the emptiness he has felt and may feel he at least has a purpose to continue his life.

In time, you will learn to work around it and not let it absorb you and suck you up. I really feel your pain. I lost my mother in July after a very long illness. My father started seeing a woman shortly after Thanksgiving. Not only was he seeing this woman, but he was lying about it until I found out in the worst possible way on Christmas Eve.

Now, he is practically living with her. My parents were together for 40 years. I was close to both of my parents. My father died unexpectedly the day after Christmas He was married to my mom for 52 years. My mom will not let us help her with anything, but rather wants to call all the male friends my dad had to help her.

It seems more like she is having a party instead of respecting my fathers memory. We loved my father very very much. Since my father was near death almost 3 years ago, I feel my mother was and is jealous of the attention we gave my father. I do love my mother and it hurts me and my sister when she says she would rather have dads buddies or the neightbors come to help her instead of having us over.

It is so good to know that I am not the only daughter dealing with these feelings. My Mom died December 7, after a 4 year fight with bone cancer. My parents had been married 50 yrs. One week after my mother passed a women that was a member at the same club as my parents contacted my dad to send her condolences, saying she had just found out about my mom.

She also tried to tell me that her and my mom were friends yet I know my mom did not care for her, and if thats a friend who needs enemies. Two days later she arrived with baked goods for my dad. When I tried to worn him about her, he said she was just a friend. She calls him 3 -4 times a day wanting to know what he is doing or where he was. She has tried to talk to me on the phone, but I have nothing to say to her because I do not like what she has done. I feel she is trying to push a wedge between my father and his family. I have found out that because of her, old friends of my parents who also know this women will not talk to my father because they have never like her.

When I tried to talk with him 4 weeks after my mom passed, he informed me that he is 73 yrs. I also go everynight after work and cook dinner. She calls telling my dad all about her medical problems which is breast cancer after my mother battled bone cancer. I feel this women is just looking to have someone take care of her and support her, and that she is hoping to move into my parents house.

The only peace I have is that she will have to answer to God and probably my mother in the end. Hi Lisa, I am in a very similiar situation. After speaking with a few family members, I found out that my mom did not like this cousin. She was after my father for 40 years! I could really use some good advice on how to deal with all this. Hi I thought you guys might want to hear from someone who happens to be the mans girlfriend. I have been dating a man who lost his wife to cancer and let me tell you I feel like I have committed a major crime for dating this man so soon after his wife died.

All we want is to be happy and I definately do not want to replace the much older kids mom. I have no desire to be alone and lonely in my older years and neither does he. I know it is now, and I too have lost my mother and have a 76 year old father who was comforted by a lady 10 years older than I and 10 younger than he, but no one can really understand the pain that comes in seeing your father with another woman after 55 years of marriage.

Does that seem like the kind of relationship that would make anyone feel good about stepping in the picture? Would I ever want to come between a father and daughter for the sake of my own needs or excuses that I make this man happy? The answers are NO. I could never come into a situation with the full support of the grown kids. I could never look myself in the mirror and feel good about it as a woman, a mother or person. To me that is the ultimate low in character. I have basically lost my mother, father and sister who is too afraid to stand up to dad and have no parents.

What does this new lady have? That is what mom wanted and he has failed miserably in the 6 months since her death. I guess I thought dad would finally take some time to get to know me, the grandkids and spend time doing things he did not do all the time we grew up. He always worked or had something to do. I never got to really have my father to myself growing up and even more now. So Girlfriend, I guess no one can have any sympathy for you or take your message and somehow change the way we really feel because you need to have a companion in your old age.

Shame on you to the end of time. This is all about you not wanting to be alone, because he did not have enough time to understand his grief nor did any of the other family members. When two people are together for along period of time and one passes the other is not use to being alone. I personally feel that people should have enough respect for others to let the family grieve without bringing a new situtation into the mix. What people in your situtation need to realize it is not all about you, there are children, grandchildren, in-laws.

Yes, he is lonely and yes, you are lonely and yes, you both deserve not to be lonely. She was an exceptional cook, kept a spotless house, and was his best friend. Again, the problem is that it happened too soon — no time for him to grieve properly or me. If your dating this man is just that — going to dinner, catching a movie, and someone to confide in…. This website is great. My parents were married for 26 years.

My momma lost a long battle with lung cancer, and her death hit me the hardest in the family. Her and I were so close. I pretty much had a break down. I attemped suicide several times, and quit caring anout myself. She just seems like she tries too hard. Who are all about my age. He tells me not to bring my mom up in front of her.

And this is so offensive. He should worry about his own 20 year old daughter, not her kids. I feel horrible about the situation. I guess I just need to keep asking God for his help. Wow…I really feel your pain. What I would do is to call your dad and tell him you would like to sit down and talk to him alone. Maybe you could try to get to know her and her children. We each have our own stories deep inside our hearts. Concentrate on trying to get to know them and let them see you as the person you are….. Try to be upbeat when you are around them.

Sometimes it is very hard to be upbeat when you feel such dispair but give it your best shot. You and your dad need to talk — ask him to tell you how he is feeling too since he lost your mom. Try not to show anger toward your dad but approach him with kindness. Always remember, what you give out is what you get back! I would like for someone to tell me when its ok to date after a spouse dealth. When a spouse leave this earth what is the widow or widower is suppose to do with the remaining of their life.

Tips for When Your Widowed Parent Begins to Date

Are they just suppose to just live their life around their kids and other relatives without a mate. While their kids and other relatives have mates and continue on with their lifes. Can so one please explain this to me. I understand that the lose of a mother or father is painful. I lost my father. However I was not angry with my mother whenshe start dating. However that does not mean the living spouse is to stop their life.

You have to remeber they are human. Everyone needs some type of companionship. So why are people so angry when your mother or father wants to continue their life. Thank you to everyone for sharing their stories and opinions. It really helps me try and understand my situation. I think it really depends on the spouse and family and friends of the deceased. My father passed away in the spring of after being married to my mom for 40 years.

Now, almost 4 months later they are still together. My sisters and I are not comfortable with this because it has become quite serious and it has also changed her personality. We have tried talking to her about it and voiced our concerns. She said that she values our opinions but beyond that nothing much was done.

The lack of consideration for our feelings is slowly breaking up our relationship with her. I truly want her to be happy and have tried step back and look at the situation from an outsiders perspective but I am having great difficulty. They should talk with them and truly take their feelings into account. I guess I have it wrong Anna, I thought its was about what made my mom happy. Because she is human. Which my mom and her friend did say he was not there trying to replace my dad. I lost my mother to cancer in November, my father enrolled in one of thoes dating web sites in December.

Its April now and my dad has a new girlfriend he wants me to meet……wow. I put him off saying how about a rain check. I mean moms been gone for 5 months now and I have to meet the new misses? I think he got mad at me for not jumping at the chance to meet her. Ive never really been close with my father and this seems to be driving more of a wedge between us. Its like its no longer convient for him to do that. You are correct your dad should not force his new girlfriend on you at this time it is to early.

Just tell your dad you are not ready for that right now and you understand his needs. Also if his new girlfriend is a true freind she would understand also. My mom just passed away 1 month ago this Aprilat the age of She struggled with cancer for over 2 years. I held her hand while she took her last few breaths. It was truly the hardest thing I ever had to do.

The way her throat was moving up and down struggling for air. Watching her stop breathing for 10 seconds and all of us thinking she was gone and all of a tsudden take a breath. I dream about and think about it constantly and it was very traumatizing to me. To make it worse my Dad moved 7 hours from all of us kids and we havent heard from him very often. I talked to him last night and he lets me know that he is already seeing someone. All he talked about was this womans body and how she works out everyday and she is model material. He talked about how she was the kind of person that back in the day he would normally rip her clothes off.

I never heard my Dad talk about my mother that way …not the nasty remarks but simply talk about her beauty. And moving so far away. I understand him wanting to sell the house because mom died in it…but to move so far away! It feels like he is abandoning us! We kids need him. We just lost our mom , now we feel like we are losing him too! I feel like he is being selfish. I think that he is more worried about himself than us kids. Which I know that we are old enough to take care of ourselves but I feel that we need to be together right now. Its like mom was the glue that held the family together and now that shes gone….

And how dare him talk to me like this about the other woman. Like I really want to hear that crap!!!!!!! Someone help me with this. People deserve to be happy but that does not mean they should forget their children. My dad does not spend Christmas or Christmas Eve with his family. Eight months after my mother died my dad gave a woman a diamond. And they got married one year after my mother passed away. My parents were married 60 years.

I am so glad to have found this website. My dad died of cancer lung and colon November He was diagnosed last year March and just quickly got worse even started losing his memory walking around the house tearing curtains down we even had to hide his car keys he wanted to go to work. He was a workaholic. He pretty much worked up until he died. My dad dedicated his life to taking care of our family. We were not rich but we did not want for much. For much of my mothers life she did not have to work just take care of the family.

This is why is pains me to see my mother move on so soon 5 months later. I have a right to my opinion. Another website I just left everyone was telling me to grow up, stop being selfish and thats her personnel affair. The crazy part is they all had both parents in their lives. Thats why i was so surprised and relieved to find people to talk to that can actually relate. Did she ever stop to consider my feelings as well. I take peoples feelings into consideration in any situation a lot of times before my own.

Im a good mother a little over protective but i mean well and they know it and love me regardless. I just want to thank everyone for their postings. It really helps alot. In March, a recent widow called my dad and made contact. We had to ask my dad if he could fit us into his schedule because they are soooo busy doing stuff.

She is making herself at home. They only spend week-ends together and during the week they are at their respective homes but she is now entitled to his pension. She is needy and always in our face. Maybe they suit each other if they are that mixed up! Today, they went shopping for a bed. Save me the details.. My mom passed in Jan. A recent widow called my dad in March.. Is it possible these people are sometimes looking for financial gain?

Loves his convertible and said to my sister that she wanted to take it to go see her daughter…… Ahh, can you imagine. My mother passed away about 3 years ago. A little less then a year after my mother passed away my father went on a buiness trip and found himself a girl freind. My mother died from Leukemia in , a year later I was shocked to find out my father was dating so soon.

The woman who he choose to date knew the family and was not liked by mother. This felt like my father was purposely hurting my mother and myself along with my brother. This lead to many confrontations between the woman, my father, and myself. Many hurtful things were said between my father and myself where we stopped talking and strained our relationship.

When my father finally broke up with this woman, we begun to work on talking again slowly. He then began dating another woman, who I am not completely comfortable with but have learned after experiencing the loss of my spouse in , that what my father said about loving my mother no matter what and that even though he choose to date again he would love my mother no matter what and would do anything to be with her again.

When I first heard this from my father I thought there is no way you love her or even did if you are replacing her. Now that I find myself in a situation where my husband passed away suddenly in his sleep leaving me to take care of our 2 yr. I have gone through the grief process from both sides.

need advice — hard time dealing with dad dating someone right after my mom died

I miss my husband with all of my heart and would do anything to have our life back and the way it used to be. I will love him forever and no one will take his place. He was the best father and husband I could ask for. Yet he would not want me to stop living, and he would not want for me to be unhappy. That is why I am able to see what my father meant by I can be dating someone and still love your mom and miss her.

Because I find myself in the same situation. I am now dating a wonderful man and find myself missing my husband. I can love my life I had and respect that I need companionship and passion in my new life.

The footballer who learns in the match that his father died

I miss my husband everyday and would love for my son to be able to grow up with his father, but I know my husband would want for my son to grow up with a happy mother. So I concentrate on making myself and my son happy for right now. After reading your post I felt like we were kindred sisters! It was really rough, my mother actually talked to me about it days before her death-telling me to not be angry because dad was involved with this woman, that he would need someone when she was gone and that it was okay.

In my case it turned out not so okay. What a huge insight on your part, death has made you more understanding and aware, not less. I wish you great success in love, motherhood, and life. Death is a hard and complicated thing. I feel that I am always comparing the difference in my grieving from these two very significant loses in my life. From this I feel like I have been able to step back and gain some insight, and this insight has brought me some healing and clarity.

I am so sorry for your losses and the situation you have came upon. I wish you the best. It is almost like two deaths in one. My mom died in December , almost a year ago. My dad began dating a woman about 5 or 6 months later. I was appalled and shocked when he told me.

He cried and acted all upset when he told me, asking for my understanding. I wish now I would have gone nuts on him and really screamed to him what and how I really felt. He is with the woman constantly. He leaves work and goes straight to her house and is there until bedtime. I can never reach him on the phone in the evenings we live in two different towns. Anyway, I tried really hard, invited him, of course. He left immediately after we ate. It was like he was here to fulfill some sort of obligation or something. Then he started calling her on the cellphone.

He left immediatly after we ate. I agreed to meet this woman one time just for him. Besides, honestly, I wanted to see what she looked like. Shallow of me I know. She was so quiet and boring, nothing like my mom at all. My mom was vivacious and full of laughter and life. I am sure this woman was nervous, and really, she was nice enough. I actually kind of felt sorry for her. I really have no bad feelings for her, I am just hurt and mad at my dad for putting my family and me through this.

My daughter is a teenager, just learning about boys and relationships and THIS is the example she gets? Anyway, I am furious about this entire situation. I am sick to death of reading on all these grief websites that life goes on, no one is expected to spend their life alone, blah, blah, blah…. Read a book, watch a movie, a ballgame, get online, visit a friend or family member. It is more about the widower than it is about whatever woman they happen to be dating. So that is the short version of my story.

Does he not realize how incredibly hurtful this is to me? So I am basically stuck in this seething state of anger and resentment while also trying to deal with the grief of losing my mother. There are no words to describe the pain and emptiness I feel deep in the very pit of my being.

How I struggle each and every day just to make it to bedtime and then get up and do it all over again, all while trying to be a good wife and mother. Sure, I want him to be happy, but does he really have to be so doggone thrilled and gleeful about it? Even if he broke up with this poor lady today, it will never take away the harm that it has already caused. So I guess that is the short version of my story. There is so much more, but no need to bore anyone with the details. Just more pain, more hurt, more sadness…I only hope I would never cause anyone the pain that this has caused me and my family.

The ironic thing about this is, if heaven forbid, the lady he is dating now were to pass away, how long does SHE think it would be before he were dating a new one? It really does feel like you lose your father once he starts dating again. I was angry for a long time and this strained my relationship with my dad. There are still times I am so angry at him for choosing his girlfriend, over his family. But for right now I am ok with at least being able to see my father periodically and trying.

I sometimes try to step back and look at both sides. It took a long time for me to be able to do this, and I am not perfect at this.

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Because if he were to be gone tomarrow I would regret not trying. Not giving him a chance. I am a 41 yr old widower, father of three kids, daughter 8 and twin 6 yr. I want to offer some perspective based on my experiences. The woman I married and loved did not even resemble the women who died after nearly five years of illness. Colon cancer is a terriblw way to die and I was with her every step of the way right up to the last moment of life. The way they gravitate towards any woman friend or family memeber is deeply sad. We are not open about things at all, but a feeling is not always easy to hide.

I expect that whether or not my daughter is 8 or 10 or 15 or even 25, she would never be supportive of me dating, let alone falling in love and she clearly is not happy and has begu acting out a bit. I was a faithful husband and am a responsible, loving father, but I after burying a brother and a wife, I know that life is too precious to waste.

I am on-line trying to find information and guidance on how best to reconcile my love for my daughter, the need my boys have for a mother figure they absolutely love her by the way , and how to explore the possibilities of a life with this woman. Who is a wonderful and caring person. Hope is a powerful thing and joy in the aftermath of pain can bring you back from the very depths of despair. I will continue to search for answers and hope that I find a way to help my family heal from this tragedy.

Hi Meg, I am in the same situation. No soon after my mom passed, my mothers 1st cousin started coming around. I can see why I never ran into this 1st cousin. It made me sick. She would show him her new necklace or have him smell his perfume not on her wrist right in front of me. I wish I knew how to get passed this. It eats away at me every single day. I hate the fact that someone like her came into our lives only to get what she was after for many years.

I even find myself wishing bad things happen to her. Has anyone been able to move on from the pain of their parents getting involved with someone else so soon? Meg, I know how you feel. My father started seeing another woman about 5 or 6 months after my mother passed away and the sad part is the lady has known my family for years and has been our church member for years. My dad feels that since he lost his wife, it is all about his loss; he does not realize this his kids are hurting and while I know he is lonely, his behavior is unacceptable. He ignores his kids and grandkids for the most part and seems so involved in himself to take out true, quality time for us.

I know it is and my mom passed 5 months ago, but your message was as if I wrote it. It hit the mark with me. It was exactly how I feel and sadly where I am at. I feel my father has betrayed me, failed to live by the promise he made mom to be there for his two girls, and his words that he would never get another woman when mom died.

I feel the woman lacks the very character by doing what she had done, even though dad and my sister feel she helps him, she makes him happy. Our own happiness comes with a price and if that price is our own kids, there is nothing worth losing them. They were the priority, my need to be with a man or re-marry, was not the priority. I am 56 and still feel the same way. I lost my mother and need my father. He is 20 again and mom has been gone for 5 months.

Weakness is not an excuse and happiness is not always about ones self. Thank you for being so honest in your comments. She had dates lined up and then after the second, started regularly dating. After 3 weeks went away to his winter home for a long weekend. Only told 1 sibling….. I found out by mistake — totally devastated….

So sad……a horrible lesson of how not to act….. So many of you have stories that resound with what is going on in my life right now. Her death came as a major shock to us. She was an active, vibrant 72 year old woman who had lots of plans for the future. She and my dad were married for over 54 years and had the picture of a beautiful, loving marriage, one that any couple would aspire to have. When my mom died, my biggest sadness was not for myself, but for my dad.

I wondered how he would ever be able to cope without my mom. They were true soulmates. He read to her every night until she fell asleep. She always fixed his plate. They served each other in love. I was out of town on business. I called my dad to check up on him. He told me he was upset because my younger sister had hung up on him. He made it clear that he had already made a commitment and promise to marry this woman somewhere down the road. We have been trying to talk to him.

He said this woman is the only light at the end of a dark tunnel. I am just mad at him, I guess. The person who talked about teenage behavior is right. He has been seeing this woman. This woman is playing him, I feel sure.

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  7. She is playing games, encouraging him and then telling him not to call her any more. Then she calls him back saying she just needs to hear his voice. He says that she is acting this way because she has been hurt by other men. My sisters and I say that she is acting this way because she is manipulative and plotting.

    I have told him how I feel, and that is all I can do. My dad broke up with this woman. Thank God he finally saw through her manipulation before it was too late. My advice to anyone going through something like this is to not alienate yourself from your parent by shaming them or speaking ill of the person they are seeing.

    It will do no good. Listen to them, support them, be there for them as much as they will let you, and pray, pray, pray. He will now have to go through it. My sisters and I will be there to support him and love him through it. And perhaps, someday, he will meet a woman who shares his values and can make a life with him. I opened my huge mouth too quickly. I should have known. It is all I can do to keep from having a blow-up with this woman. I have never spoken to her or met her. Well, that is not exactly true. She has told him he has a dirty mind.

    She gets mad at him on every account. She says he is trying to turn her into my mom.

    My dad moved on. I seem to be stuck. - Parent relationship remarriage | Ask MetaFilter

    So he breaks up with her. My dad officially proposed and she accepted. They will be getting married September My mother passed away from cancer in It was completely understandable. He claims he wants to do what he wants before he dies.

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    I lost my husband last year. I was married for 24 years, had a familly and it began to grow. And you children may not understand what we go thru. All I can say is that there are many reasons why we want to date and go on with our life. My children were not happy that I told them I was dating, they were hurt and angry.

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    Yes it is about my happiness but my family does come first. I was not looking for this it just happened. He is someone from my past and I enjoy his company very much and I love spending time with him. He is not here to replace their father nor is he to replace him as my husband. He is someone I enjoy spending time with and someone to hang out with. He makes me smile again!

    It felt so good to get on this website and read that so many other people are experience the same things that I am. I lost my mom on March 24, after her very hard fought battle with colon cancer. My mom and dad were married for 30 years. He was her caretaker and he held her hand to the very end. All I have known for 26 years of my life is the love between my mother and my father. After her death my husband and I continued to live with my dad to keep him company and ease the loneliness. We became extremely close with my father and spent countless nights in the living room together playing games.

    Now, almost 2 years later he has begun dating a woman fairly seriously. So living here with him has made it very hard on me. Regardless of all my feelings though, a daughter cannot fill all the emptiness that is felt. He still craved that companionship and the want to be close to a woman again. As much as I understand all this, I still find it so incredibly difficult to accept him dating. And the awkwardness of discussing my mom in front of her is almost unbearable but it is inevitable that my mom is going to come up because my daughter WILL know who her grandmother was.

    But he has for the most part been very respectful for my feelings so I have returned the favor. I just pray so much that the lady he is dating is the woman she says she is and that she and I can find a way to bond over common interests. I truly hope that all of you can find peace with your fathers dating again, and I am so very thankful to have found this site. God bless you all. My dad has said things about his sex life to me as well.

    My mom passed away at age 53 from colon cancer. Second verse, same as the first. He marries another old family friend. They were married 6 years when Dad died. He had changed his will so Stepmother 2 can live in his house as long as she chooses to do so. Who do they call when something tears up? Alas, my father is haunting me from his grave. So cheer up girls — you could be dealing with multiple step families. It definitly could be worse. You need to get a grip on your own life and let your parents be human beings.

    Does your parent tell you who you should and should not date, live with or be married to? What makes you all think you have the right to tell your parent what they can and cannot do in their own home and how they should live the rest of their life? Would it make these adult children happier if their remaining parent curl up in a ball in the corner, wear black everyday and sit in the house the rest of their life?

    So, your parent is moving on and has found a new love. What is wrong with that? BUT she feels entitled to the rest of him and what he does and who he dates. Her dad I have know from teen years—we were an item, and still have the same attraction we did then. This daughter has put so much stress on her dad—disapproving of our relationship-its sick! All should be over by then—leave him alone or he will get sick—KIDS!

    Joanne- I think that was uncalled for- especially when everyones situation is different. People are here looking for comfort, and you bash them. What is wrong with you. And on top of this, if you actually read everyones comments, most of these people want the parent to be happy, but they are just not ready to meet their parents new friend.

    They are not asking their parent to not see this person, they are just wanting their parent to understand that they are not ready to accept them into their lives- just yet. My mother in law passed away 5 months ago. As it has only been 5 months since they lost their mother, their father has starting seeing another woman. A woman who he has known from a long time ago. My husband understands that his father needs this companionship and is not angry with him for wanting to be with this woman. What is hard for him is that his father wants him to accept this so soon- wants to bring her over to watch our kids and have dinner together.

    She lives in Florida so he traveled there a couple times to visit her- and he talks about her and her family and is very happy- which is great- but has done stuff with her family and grandkids, that he would never do back home with us. My point is- as we are accepting his new friend- we are not ready to meet her, or allow her to be a part of our family. We are fine with him being with her, but cant handle her visiting in my mother-in-laws home… sitting in her chair….

    Although he is ready….. We can accept that he wants this new relationship, we just wish he would accept that we are just not ready to be a part of it. You spoke my thoughts exactly! I basically have had to wash my hands of the situation. I love my dad but it hurts too much to hear him exclaim his great love for this woman at this point. Her shoes still sit in the entry way of the house and her glasses, hand lotion and chapstick are still are her nightstand.

    And just like your FIL, my dad goes and spends incredible amounts of time with this woman, and my mom had to beg for any time she got from my dad. He always had too much work to do when she wanted to go somewhere—to see her grandkids and children. I am still having a hard time coping with her death. We were very close; she was my best friend. My father and I have had a much more tumultuous relationship. We talk, but are not close. I suspect he was dating again within a year after my mom died.

    About 8 months or so ago, he informed me that he was going out-of-town to meet a woman he had meet on an online dating site who lived in a nearby town. I was quite angry when I heard about this and we never again spoke of it. I have no idea who this woman is nor do I want to know. Furthermore, if it had been the other way around i.

    I think part of it, for me, is that I feel like if I accept my dad having a new woman in his life, I am being disloyal to my mom. I, too, was very close to my mom. As a woman and a wife and mom myself, I feel very sad when I think how quickly my dad replaced my mom and professed his undying love for this new woman so quickly. If my husband were to do the same, the thought of it makes me very sad.

    I feel like you. My dad does things with his new woman that he never would take the time to do with my mom. She would have loved the attention he is giving to his girlfriend. Perhaps our dads feel guilty somewhat for things that were left undone with their deceased wives and this is their second chance to do it right. Thank you Julie for your post. This is exactly how I am feeling right now. My mom passes away last July. They were both diagnosed with Cancer within a day of each other…Dad Colon, Mom Lung and then we found out Mom also had an aortic aneuyism that could burst anytime.

    No good way to treat it. Within 4 months of her diagnosis, she was gone! Dad went thru surgery and treatment and is now cancer free. We, siblings were there daily for them as they went through this and Dad was very needy, calling me 3 to 4 times a day, wanting me to come over and sit with him. I did because I loved him and felt so very sad for him losing mom and dealing with his own cancer.

    Now he has found a lady friend, a very nice woman his age and of the catholic faith like him. Their faith is very important to both of them. So why am I finding it so difficult? Thanks again for sharing. My mother-in-law passed away May His parents mom and stepdad were married for 25 years. My husband and I were so shocked that we got sick. My husband and father-in-law were working together in a family print shop and had been for seven years.

    That same day, one of the part time workers called while we were there at his house Irene and showed up 30 minutes later. The first thought in our minds was that they were seeing each other. We left heartbroken and grief-stricken. He claimed that their marriage had been difficult for about 5 years and that my mother-in-law would treat him very badly when they were home alone.

    After Mom’s Death, Daughter Struggles With Dad’s Girlfriend

    According to him, he had already grieved over her and had moved on. My father-in-law bragged one week later that he slept with three different women. We took it very hard, to say the least. In July , my father-in-law began dating Irene and one month later, we found out that they were opening up another shop between the two of the them and were opening it the next day. I was so angry I blew up. Which was the first time I had done so in front of my in-law s.

    My husband also feared that now that his mother was gone, his stepdad would cast him aside. I asked my father-in-law about this and he said he never would do such a thing. I guess I just have a hard time understanding him. He focuses his energy on what is right in front of him and never really considers how he is affecting anyone else.

    Communicating with him is like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip. We do all the footwork when it comes to trying to maintain a relationship. I call him and try to keep in touch and he gives only one word answers to my attempts at conversation. My husband is an only child and we have no children ourselves. Maybe I am looking too much into this. My father-in-law never put in the kind of enthusiasm and energy into the original shop that he has with the second one.

    Too much change and no way to navigate through it or interpret it. My wife of 14 years committed suicide just over a year ago, leaving me with 4 children ages 12 and under. Does that sound like someone else making a choice over which I had no control? Did it make me angry at her? You better believe it did. Does it still affect my life? It will every day until I die. And without a doubt, it will affect the lives of our children even more profoundly. My responsibility now, and mine alone, mostly, is to see that my children have the best chance of success in life.

    One thing I have learned, and that many of the above commenters have not yet accepted, is that I cannot predict how I will feel in the future. How short-sighted and petty is that? Did you ever think you would be grieving like you are? Were you able to predict how this would feel? So how, after your few months of experience, do you think yourself qualified to predict your feelings years into the future?

    Give me a break. When my wife shot herself, I felt abandoned; I thought I would never be able to trust anyone again, especially a woman. I was totally wrong—that was temporary. I could overcome that. It just takes work; maybe lots of work, but you can do it! There is no objective timeline that you can use to say it has been long enough, not long enough, etc. It will be different for everyone. However, I do not have to be as sensitive to my in-laws, because they are adults, and I am not responsible to them.

    Do you get what I am trying to say? My mom passed away five years ago and I know I would not have been ready to deal with him dating 2 months after her passing. It's only in the last year that he has expressed any interest in seeing someone and I'm ok with that. Is there any way you can have a honest dialogue with your dad and tell him that while you are happy for him, you are not yet ready to have this woman in your life?

    Who is hosting Thanksgiving? Your family could always elect to do something different if he insists on bringing her -- perhaps have your own Thanksgiving at home or dine out or go to your in-laws. I'm so sorry about your mother and the way you are feeling right towards your father. My case is just opposite. My daughters didn't think I mourned long enough. I told my daughters that no one will ever replace their fathers love with me we were together 44 years from the time we were 17 years old.

    No one on this earth could ever lessen my love or time will never make it better. But to never judge someone that has lost the person that love because no one knows when you start mourning for that person. For me it was the first day we were told he had cancer already stage. I started my grieving then because life changed at that moment. I also grieved every time I loaded him in the car for all the treatments we had for a year and watched him and our dreams die with him every day ubtil he took his last breath so griving doest start at the time of death.

    Now my oldest daughter hasn't spoken to me in months she lives 4 blocks away. I never cheated on my husband but when you first start seeing another it's a feeling that is something strange. But remember this always family is what makes everything. Hard to say but our loved ones that are gone aren't coming back no matter how much all of us want it we just have to try and find our way now. Your father will always be your father and your mother the same.

    I'm sure he has love for all. I think we have to be careful in judging the grieving person, your father may have been grieving long before your mother died. My husband battled cancer for 18 months, I started grieving the moment I heard the word cancer. There were flags along the way prior to the diagnosis. Nothing can erase our marriages.. Again, for those who paint it so.. I would not spend Thanksgiving with this woman.. Hello i am a 51 yr old male with my wife recently diagnosed stage 4 PC, Your dad is the same age as me i have been with my wife for 32 yrs.

    If iwas in your fathers situtation i would be scared of bad luck , In my opinion he should be ashamed of himself and should not in NO WAY be bringing someone new into your lifes. I would pray for him and ask for forgivness from mom , You dont need two family tradgedys! Your post is inappropriate. You have no right to pass judgment on wildrose. We come to this website to support each other not to bring each other down.

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