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More like plentyoffreaks LOL The forums has basically no set rule, no bashing yet people bash and swear. But if a guy gets mean he will get voted to be banned by a group. Poorly run site full of bugs, hardly any organization. Typical pretty much for any forum though expect for techical forums. Moderators are so quick to delete or ban. I have another picless id for forums but I hardly go on because any provocative thought, and I mean that as intelligent , but can be construed by some as daring or for lack of a better word politically incorrect , will be deleted.

I mentioned earlier that myspace has lots of room to speak even, politically incorrect so I choose to use the forums on myspace , which can be silly the other way but its worth it to know there are more interesting postings to view as well as speak ones mind. Plentyoffish POF is a horrific site. I put up a profile and some pictures and instantly I noticed that.. I would send a message introducing myself trying to generate some form of conversation but NO girl responded.

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These woman are obviously just trying to get attention and bragging rights to co-workers and friends about how many people messaged them. I remember one time, this beautiful woman had viewed my profile about 10 times in two days but yet she refused to message me.

Also you have to think about what kind of woman actually use these sites?? Woman with problems or a complete bitch. A really attractive and well rounded woman DOES not need a dating site to find men. You also figure the ration of men to woman on that site is about So your chances of meeting a woman on their are slim to none. I agree with Kevin on this. I aint exactly chopped liver either. My experience has been similar to some.

Many women list so much criteria, they are like children writing Santa Claus. Many women emphasize that they are not one night stands, well there are a lot of good male players out there that I am sure are connecting because they have all the desired criteria plus they are very articulate at strumming the right cords. The good players jump through hoops to get laid and after one episode, it is no wonder thay take off, after all they waited so long for this premadona to deliver, they probably figure it was not worth itd. Then the woman goes back to the drawing board and puts up more criteria and the cycle goes on.

I agree with some posters, this type of woman will always be alone, constantly searching for companionship. Latinos are doomed on the website. All I ever get is you have to be white, italian, or black. Womeon look at the pictures and they decide if the guy will look good on their arm or if they are someon they can show off to their friends. Like I said, men do the same thing, but no where even close to the same degree. The women are mostly a joke, they never answer that IM or email, are they fake people? If not then they are retards.

And I would also agree they could be said for any of the on-line dating sites. There has to be a better way to meet woman! When people question this, they get smart ass remarks from the moderators, who btw, seem to be narcissistic tards. The place is run by a geek who should better respect the people who helped him become rich. But no, he wants to be a douche and hires idiots to run the forums, all the while becoming even more rich.

Please everyone that has commented, help me put POF down! I already have full support ready. Any site that still uses HTML needs to be put out of its misery, not to mention its forum moderators, of whom which 2 are registered sex offenders! I formally apologise for this message as it has been written with great haste, but I am just so mad, especially as POF banned me from talking to my current GF on the forums. This is a scam that has been around for a while, all the sites are the same, have the same members and make money of the advertising. Yeah, I know, POF sucks.

Just as I was getting along nicely chatting to one woman they deleted my account — even though I had done nothjing wrong. I tried to set up others, but ehy kept delteting them as well. Same here — my profile has been deleted for reasons unbeknownst to me. It seems as thoough the site is run by very uneducated people given a little bit of power, and they are drunk on this power.

I regret bringing my friends over to this site from Lava Life. I really think this is the beginning of the end for POF — and I hope this site swells with complaints. That pretty much says it all.

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Anyone know how they are blocking the accounts? Is it by IP address? The site is a joke. I have tried to create a profile over a dozen time and each time they are deleted almost instantly. Reading all these makes me think I am not the only one who feels POF really sucks. This site is just terrible. You get next to NO messages from woman. No response or interest whatsoever. If you do get a message from a woman, it is a woman who has loads of baggage, is morbidly obese or she is just damn ugly! Call me shallow but I do not want to date a woman who weighs pounds more than me, has three kids, and looks like she fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Why would an attractive woman who is honestly trying to find a partner be on POF? They probably have so many guys hitting on them that they could get a date at the grocery store. Yep, I agree with your comment about POF. If I get a message,I usually get mail from very mediocre looking females. I am attractive and I have a decent job. That should be good enough, but no.

I receive messages from this site stating that someone wants to meet me, and when I mail them, I get no response back. There are millions of narcissists here, male and female.

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People seem to be too busy or over occupied with something. People are too busy or complacent toto make any sort of plans or commitments. I see my own perceptions confirmed in all the bad reviews above. The profiles all show them so happy and secure and independent. They almost all want to travel and go nice places to eat and go horseback riding and on and on. Most guys have kids of their own to support and do for. None of the females appear to want love or companionship as much as they want a LTR with the emphasis on commitment.

Find out what that exactly means later. It looks more like a good bar you cannot get a drink in than a fish pond. I agree with many of the comments posted above me. Many of the women are obese single mothers. Many of them have no job at all. Some of the women on there, even though I am sympathetic, have medical problems. This is the reason they cannot get a decent man.

Online dating has turned into a game for females to flaunt their attention. As much as I hate to say it, most of the time, the only initiated e-mails I get are from overweight women. Then, the female magically disappears. The first time I went on four bad dates with POF and gave up. I went back on a second time and started having a real good conversation with a female who I found attractive and interesting.

After about 6 back and forth conversations all of a sudden she stopped responding. I even asked my female friend what the hell happened and she had no idea. Biggest waste of time. Hey, I have the same experiences. We volley a few comments back and forth, and then the girl bails out. I think that when a girl does this, she is communicating with several guys at once and then picks the one she likes best.

She might not pick any of them, just to play with their heads. For a while I thought I was doing something wrong, but people are just attention whores. I get mail from women who have one dark photo up in their profiles. Then they get annoyed or ignore me if I ask to see another. I like to know who I am dating. The lesson is to work on yourself creatively and finacially and look outside the U. Been on two dates. Woman on POF are arrogent, stuck up think they are Gods gift to men. As I see desperate men looking online to find a date, corrupted sites such as plenty of fish grow out of no where looking for these desperate men.

These men do not know that the ladies on these type of sites are nothing but sharks, often, they try to upgrade their low self steem in the expense of these men. These men can find very attractive mates in another country, such as China, India, Philipines, Russia to name a few. If these online ladies are so attractive, they will not be online looking for men and if they are attractive and are online looking, they allready have a husband or few boyfriends, they just try to see if they are still in demand, its an ego issue we are dealing with.

Plenty of Fish is no longer completely free. There is a new feature. You can send a virtual flower to another member for the price of 30 dollars. I am not kidding you……a pic of a flower to somebody else for 30 dollars. It gets displayed on their profile when they receive one. A handful of members are protesting this new feature. One member wants to be able to block them……….. These handful of members with big mouths think they represent all the members. Many of them hang out in the forums. They are not there to date. The owner is not a fool. He knows he will make money with it.

I think the wheels are falling off. I noticed there are changes being made to make more money. One day I wonder if he is going to start charging to have a profile on the site.

Why plenty of fish (POF) is a waste of time for men

The main case of the problem is there are just too God damned many men out there and not enough woman. The women to men ratio is huge, the women are average yet seem to think there to good for any man, searching for a man that doesnt exist, I changed my pics dozens of times, re-wrote my profile the lot and nothing changes.

I didnt even get a thankyou for profile compliments where has politness gone?. The forums are to moderated in favour of women, any anti women posts and your deleted, yet men get riddiculed daily. POF is an absolute joke. Been on here for over a year, sent over 40 mails and made no real signs of progress.

K then, So what actually happens? I rest my case. Do me a favour and take my advice. Avoid the site like the Plague! To say the women on POF are attention seekers and shallow is giving them to much credit. The woman on this site are soulless, heartless, and for a lack of a better term just plain bitches. How do I know this? While listening one of my co-workers claimed that she had stood up four guys over the weekend making them drive outlandish distances all to have her not show up. This was met by huge laughter and jokes about the pathetic loser who would drive that far for a date.

Another remarked that she had received around 15 messages from guys. The woman on this site view men as pieces of crap to be stepped on and manipulated at every single possible moment. They also use it to boost their self esteem and for bragging rights. We all have various reasons for using POF. This site like most dating sites is just a waste of time. Your better off going to your local adult video shop, renting a dvd, and doing the man duty than the constant frustration and nonsense you have to deal with on POF.

I fully agree to this very well written review of POF. I also found it to be a bit shocking, but not surprising. I am convinced that this is a worthless dating site, among all of the others as well. Just to add to the negative POF experiences: I am a single year old guy.

I find that I have a lot better luck meeting women at the bookstore or at the gym. POF is just a waste of time. Once you get past age 32 or so, escorts really are a better if imperfect alternative. A coffee date on the other side of town with an overweight middle-aged woman who has three kids? I have to admit that enjoy younger escorts more than I enjoy middle-aged civilian women.

Remarkably, both of these alternatives have turned out to be marginally cheaper than the conventional dating game…and MUCH cheaper if you factor in your time. I have enjoyed escorts mostly in other countries where everything is legal but i did do my stint at the mustang ranch in nevada through the 90s.. Maybe a few kicks in the ego will get them to change their attitude but I doubt it. I sent one women an e-mail with my statement right in the subject line so she had no choice but to read it.

How the hell do I know whether I would like the person or not just because of that. Anyway my real point is that there are better ways of saying something without coming off like you belong to the Bilderbergs or somethig! I take it for like it is. Agreed about most of them being blind, humorless idiots and militant feminists, though. My latest one, I came across a profile that had the same birth date as me and gave a synopisys of the type of person born on that day is.

I sent her a message saying that I was born on the same day and this sounded very accurate, I thanked her for posting it and wished her a Happy New Year. Amaze at the hundreds of emails and give them something back to ruin there day. My profile was viewed countless times, sometimes 2 or 3 times by the same women and never a message.

I sent out a ton of well thought out greetings and still…never a message. Yes gentle gentlemen of the planet earth……Plenty of Fucktards is just that: I specifically mean the damaged up women, high mileage, low usefulness types. Single here, never married, no kids. It is just another junk site, the site itself, like any system, is fine, it is only as bad as the retards that fill it up.

Actually, not so much retards as escapees from Arkum Asylum, but without the Batman to put them back in there. Adultfriendfinder which is a joke. Craigslist Casual which is a joke. It used to work, flooded with fakes created by mostly gay, but VERY desperate gay men, who flag out real women anymore, but is strictly dependant upon your area, and the amount of scammers total to your local population.

And finally, if you are fucked up enough to KEEP any of those women, so be it buddy, you deserve the alimony, and child support coming your way. Why would so many woman be looking at my profile but yet not attempt to contact me? As you experienced I had some woman looking at my profile times daily but naturally they would never initiate contact. As I mentioned before this bombshell in my area and age range must have looked at my profile 10 times daily over the course of a week.

I am renaming the Plentyof fish to plentyofshit. This site is the most corrupted site you can imagine. This site selects few con artist women to drop a bait for honest men. We do not have to look for these internet rats. Internet rats who are suffering from the lack of selfsteem and place a photo to see how many desparate men will repond, then, it will be good for her ego.

Then stir my drink with the same hand…..

Arg, so many poor comments and I have to agree fully. I have been there sporadically over a 3 yr. Yes, the list of demands are high, and quite shallow and unrealistic. A jaded group I would ad. Well, I think we know. So today is Valentine day and thought to have a look for fun. I saw the same faces, the count and the amount, the votes, just like back in high school.


I hardly believe that if someone has a bus load of prospects that they would be on the site on this Feb 14th evening. Trolls are what they are, searching for new hosts to pump up the ego. And honestly, it is pretty sad for unwitting males to experience, and may also create a stigma which never before was. All in all, if your a nice guy, romantic, intelligent and looking to meet someone great who will respect you from within the POF community, then good luck chump, as that venue is the most depressing and anti-inspirational armpit on the net…just like the others.

Get a fresh start on life and begin supporting your community strip clubs and porn industry. Did you hear the latest news? The owner of Plenty of Fish is thinking of giving members the option of paying to be on his site. He is asking for opinions in the forum. He claims it will be ready in a few days. So he has been planning this for a while.

You think some guys will get pissed off that they are ignored on a free site? Wait till they pay and get ignored. Are the forum mods still going to act like dickheads to paid members? Anyway this new gig has secretary pool of sorts working in that office. There were 5 women there doing the same thing. There profile pictures were without a notch or two above you they really were. They have no intentions of meeting anyone form the site, 2 in fact are married. For guys that email, that are clearly decent guys who do stand a chance and more … that simply read and delete the email.

They seem to be using the site as a way to live out some form of romance novel fantasy. Some of these guys are really putting in the honey dripper effort. I just saying, if your a guy and are using the site seriously to meet women … you have to learn to play a better game. This will separate the real women from the tire kickers quickly. Hey, where are my comments? I got banned from POF for making a fake profile to see for myself how completely shallow these retards are.

The fake profile got messaged by fat cows, and someone who looked almost exactly like ugly betty — as well as a woman who resembled a shriveled up rat. Then I would message them from my real profile just to be ignored and deleted. I talked to three women on there with gold memberships and they all said that the membership was just given to them. Talk about a fucking marketing gimmick lol. Now, as to the moderators, they look one way — towards women. They give women the benefit of the doubt all the time. And the forum Nazis are friends with them. I got a five day time out from a mod because a single tongue-in-cheek post was not on topic.

And the man looks like a troll. Okay, well leave already then and stop crying about it. Women do respond — sometimes. Do they have issues? Of course, lots of them do. I doubt it leads to very many serious relationships, but you can have fun and get action. Check out the success stories section — scary! I used one photo of a pretty good looking woman in a tasteful pose. Within an hour, the profile had over looks. My profile gets a look or two every other day and 1 or 2 unsolicited emails every 10 days. Western women have devolved into revolting human beings somewhere between a man and a woman but with none of the positive qualities of either.

Most men have to work for a living, while the women sit around and spend the money, driving everywhere, eating badly, and never exercising. The only way to get American dating sites to be full of decent women is to FORCE American women to lose weight and take responsibility for their actions. We are partly to blame for letting women have it so easy in the US.

Men, when you act desperate or needy, you feed this horrible vicious cycle. Tell her to pay her own way in life, and stop popping out kids with temporary dads. Oh, and Spock is right: Overseas is the way to go. Scandinavian and German women are slim, much better lovers, and pay their own bills. The average Norwegian mom is in better shape at 40 than the average US childless teen!! I have been there and I know. Go Dutch and go dutch, and starve these fat horrible slobs in the US for affection, attention and money until they start working out and respecting us.

I joined the site and at first, I had some decent results. I avoided the ones that looked or sounded like gold diggers and wallet sniffers. I has several ladies add me as a friend that I never even exchanged messages with or contacted. I met one attractive lady that seemed together. She sent some sexy photos to my phone a few times per week to tease me before our date…. She acted like a teenage girl that just found out guys look at her. She then went on to brag how easy her and her friend get guys banned if they dont like them or if the date sucks or he is cheap etc.

I thought a large site like that wouldnt allow that, but I was wrong. She would dodge my questions when I asked for a pic of her head to toe. No naughty stuff, I just said a pic from a wedding or whatever so i could get an idea. She sent me one that was clearly old but I figured what the hell. I met her and she was pretty but much larger than I prefer. I was a gentleman and we had a few drinks and she order more food than me and 2 buddies would watching a game on the tv. She also said men on POF are losers for the most part. She texts me on the way home asking why I didnt try and kiss her or sit closer.

Well her arm was in the way from loading her mouth with food and I had no interest in touching her. She sent me a few strange texts that I ignored. I texted her back and said I doubt they would ban me because you are mad. About mid day after her text I tried to log on and no go. I sent them an email and all I got was a cookie cutter paste with 5 rules for banning. Those rules are vague but no due process or anything. Many members are angry. I suspect the serious member replaced the revenue from IM income from ads. Which is really sad. Slowly POF is converting to paid membership.

I guess email will be next? No email unless you are a paying member. I think its a combination of plenty of fish being free. Remember the msn messenger local chat room days? That system worked quite well, lots of dates, no hassle get togethers for casual fun. This was long before internet dating became popular. Leap forward a few yrs. I believe for the simple reason that these websites have become over saturated with men. Your odds of getting a date [that you actually care about] is vastly reduced due to competition and attention seeking, unattractive women.

I found it a laborious process to sift through the garbage to even find someone that I would consider mildly attractive. I said that many women write nothing of substance in their profile, which is why men usually have nothing good to say in response. Well, the post got deleted.

Herpes dating site calgary r

But I took it one step further, I deleted myself from the site. I talk about this on my blog if anyone wants to read it. I look at it regularly to see what the women look like who are on it.

Ready to declutter your closet?

I saw one with some guy at a restaurant and she was wearing the exact same thing she was in her POF profile picture. I agree, very few of the women on the site would actually meet someone for a real date. My profile is very specific — do not have kids, do not want kids. There are about 10 women in my area and my age group that match that. After I had been on there about a month I got messages from several of them. Once I showed any interest I was automatically not interesting any more and was ignored. A while back there was an issue with the profiles.

If you put it on hidden and then took it off hidden, your profile never showed back up. Several of us all men posted in a thread on the POF help forum. This website is a gigantic waste of time. We send out hundreds of emails and we might if we are luck get one woman email us back. When we confront the women about not returning our messages we get banned from the website.

I think they are wasting mens time. Its easier to pickup someone at the supermarket then on that website. Its not worth it. To all of the dating site brethren out there: I was depressed about god damned POF, the heartless women that never respond,….. I spotted this site and began reading,….. I went from being really down, to being happy, within minutes. And a lot of depth was there in analyzing the appalling and cruel behavior of our American females. Is the answer to actually look outside the U. Another was the suggested new name for POF,…. And even the COWS on that site are too stuck up to reply yup, I actually did that as an experiment,….

This blog is a heaven send. Thank you so much to the creator of it. My own input about this: Real geniuses at work there. Digital cameras are dirt cheap now,….. Thanks to all of you who wrote those priceless entries above. I feel better already. I felt like a little bit of me was dying each time I sent those thoughtful e-mails out, …. Well, I dated this lady who seemed normal at first, then she slowly turned into the bitch she has probably always been.

She had been married more than once, so that was a flag I sort of missed cluing in on as I had hopes. I thought I once caught her looking at other guys asses, but she was actually sizing up the wallets in their pants. So now she posts some fake information and is looking for sex only. Tell you, it hurt when I saw it. It hurt because I had time invested and was genuine.

They have adopted it as their new homes. Same faces, same profiles, year after year hang out to inflate their egos, not much more. How many guys do they actually go through? They just keep throwing them back in because most guys are suckerfish and give it away to easily. And ladies, if reading this, it is your actions that cause the bad behaviors. You turned a dating site into a display of what woman are truly like on the inside.

You have turned it into a playground and a pageant. So if you never find someone who YOU think is good enough, look in the fabled mirror. You might be attractive on the outside, but the ugliness and self centered core is too much for most and you will just never see yourselves that way, just as long as guys keep throwing themselves at your feet. Quality is job one! I will agree about the feminatzi moderators on the forums. Not a place to be. But the main problem is not the site it self.

The problem is with the women on there. I'm actually going over to his place tonight and sleeping over again, and the best part is, no sex. He's totally cool with waiting until we are an actual commuted couple: POF is crap, so try something else haha. I wish someone would of warned me lol but yeah okcupid is the right one I met mines on there too!

Just moved it together and idk yet but we might be expecting. Your POF story though is the perfect example of why no women should ever join that site lol Funny, but awful I'm so glad you switched to OKC and found your man. Fingers crossed for you, congrats!! I haven't used POF but my sister did! She met her boyfriend on there and they have been dating for about 2 years now! They live together and he's honestly the best guy she's ever dated. I met my amazing boyfriend on plenty of fish and luckily avoided anyone too creepy. I got a bunch of random messages but I just ignored them and searched people out on my own.

My boyfriend and I both say we are so lucky to have found each other. It can be hard to find someone on any site, I was on POF for months before finding my boyfriend. I noticed him because he had long hair dyed blue and red I spoke to him first and we just clicked. I'd say just be smart and careful anywhere you try to meet people. I love to share my positive online dating story. If anyone has questions feel free to ask. I know some people who have had bad experiences, but I met a really great guy on there. We dated for about 2 years, but things didn't work out.

Drag photos to change their order. Ready to declutter your closet? Just snap, upload and sell - for free. I actually know some people that met their husband on POF. Build your perfect match for only do rust spots decrease the best in your herpes dating and more dates. Some local singles living with the most number of deadspin. What is a diy activity. Just a site for singles in calgary and around the outburst radioshow is a calgary alberta dating calgary. San antonio, personal ads, aug 22, sex and online dating site dating site on.

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