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But once you find a match, where do you go on that first date? You can't stop by the place you always go, unless you want to have this awkward conversation with all your friends: Yeah, this person claims to be Terry. We're just, you know, tacitly admitting to each other that we've outsourced our romantic lives to an application on our phone. Obviously, you want to go to a place that you like but don't often frequent, a place that reflects your rich interior, but also one that doesn't give too much away. Someone recently asked for my short list of such places.

Depending on what your regular spots are, results may vary. It's nautical but not nauseating. There are candles but not too many candles. It's weirdly located, so it's not often packed in the evening's later hours. The clientele keep to themselves, but, as the great David Dondero says in the song "Summertime Suicide No. Jesse is your man behind the bar on the weekends. He's efficient and cordial, and he has an excellent sense of personal space.

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He'll remember your drink, even if it's been a couple of weeks, and he'll shake your hand when you leave. You cannot beat this bar after 10 p. You know those Marcona almonds you love so much? Also, you can have genuine one-on-one interactions with a roomful of potential dates. This means you can get to know people in a fun environment. In a fraction of the time, you can meet several people to date.

Men and women might be looking for different traits in potential dates, but neither expects the impossible. Be approachable, dress your best and be genuine.

Best Bars to Rendezvous with a Tinder Date

Be friendly, take a chance and go for it. Men, yes, Seattle is a tech city, but put away your cell phones when trying to meet ladies. Women appreciate men who give them their undivided attention. The last guy I did like, we started havin sex but he was like I want something steady and asked me to stop hooking up with other guys. In that case, I'd not worry so much about how you're meeting men, and more about how you're interacting with them. It's very easy to get sex with men The measure of success is them wanting to hang around afterwards.

That's the part that's hard for girls, in the same way that the seduction phase is hard for men. Try jointing a meet up group of shared hobbies. Already similar interests also will make it less anxiety inducing to talk to people. Dating sites plenty of my friends had significant relationships with people they met online.

I met the love of my life on pof. Just like irl it's just hit and miss. You get out what you put in. I had way more luck meeting people who lived far away. I actually had better lucking dating as far away as Los Angeles! My 'hunch' on this is that a lot of people who don't live in Seattle would like to. For instance, I had a long term relationship with someone who lived in Olympia, and I think she was eager to get out of there. When things ended with us she moved to Portland.

I think online dating is fantastic, but it may be wise to cast a wide net.

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There are a LOT of tech guys like me in Seattle, it's competitive. It's not just that there's more men in general. The thing that was a bummer for me is that there's so many guys just like me.

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It absolutely exists, but I think people get defensive or misinterpret what that means. I'm from AK, but moved here after HS. I didn't even know that was a thing for a long time till I saw a reference on a bus ad, but that made me think about it and while I'm very social and was able to chat with lots of different people when I go out, it's very rare that that turns into an actual friendship or relationship.

That was it refers to. More than once I've made friends with groups of people at bars and, after hanging for a while, they've exclaimed how crazy it was that I just walked up and started chatting and now we're like buddies. I'm like, yeah, that's how normal adults socialize. Yeah I can see that. Def when people find a friend group they can v cliquey. I was on Match and OKC at various times in my thirties, met some great folks, and even had a couple of long term relationships but the online thing does mess with your mind.

I'm now seeing someone I met at my hangout. Random encounters led to playing trivia in the same group and eventually making plans out in the world.

I met my wife on Match. I think I know what you mean about it messing with your mind though. Before my wife I would talk to the women through email or text for too long and then we would finally go out but I would already have a perception of what that person was like.

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When they were a bit different it kind of put me off. With my wife we literally went out the next day and connected a lot better.

Dating in Seattle - Tinder & Bumble Review

I'm not looking for a relationship but after starting to hang out at a local coffee shop I've met a lot of people and made some friends. So this is good advice. Try Meetup to find social engagements you enjoy. But you might meet someone there of course, with a built-in common interest!

I assume you're talking about meetup. All of their events I've been to were scams organized by real estate agents trying to sell condos. Since I've been 18 here, I've been dating in my scene which is basically people in bands, that work at bars or venues, and other artists. After I got out of a recent breakup I figured tinder was a good way to not keep dating my friends and since there's all these new people in town I wouldn't meet otherwise read: Tbh it's going pretty good.

I met a lot of amazing people, though I have noticed when I go on dates they mention they wanted to match because I wasn't a tech person, but because I was a local artist, and they wanted to get some tips for the city and hang with someone who wouldn't be like a coworker. I'm not saying that's right or wrong, just my observation from going on dates since my breakup. I hung out w people who reached out to hang over instagram too. Somebody saw we were at similar things or knew my art work and asked if i wanted to get a drink some time.

I think you just gotta reach out. If someone's into it, they'll reciprocate. I'm probably gonna get shit on for this comment because Discord lol , but I've met up with a bunch of people through it. Like, someone will join the server and just drop a "anyone wanna hang out rn" and I take them up on it. Usually end up having a good time.

No longer single, but I found success with OKCupid! I've heard people having great success with Bumble as well, but I also wonder if those work better for certain demographics than hey do for others. I feel like it appeals more to people in their 20s than in their 40s, but I could be totally wrong on that. I use it all of my friends have moved around the country, looking for some more people local and it's hit or miss. I'd say my feelings about it have evened out over time. I feel like Bumble was completely designed to stack the deck in the favor of men.

Even moreso than Tinder. On Match, I would sometimes meet someone, they would go silent for six months, and then come back. I can do the math - they met someone, it didn't work out, and they're back on the scene. Bumble throws a grenade in all of that, because the women are forced to reply, or the "match" will disappear. It's really unnatural, it basically forces women to purse the guy, when IRL it's the other way around. OKC kinda sucks in this regard too, but not as bad. Because it's a free service, a lot of people just burn their accounts and start new ones, or have multiple accounts.

With Match that was rare; because it's a pay service, the people on Match tend to be committed to actually meeting someone, not playing some videogame of "hot or not" like Bumble. I met my wife on OkCupid. If you're a woman - try coffee meets bagel? That one seems to gear towards women more than men. Also the poster that said join an interest group is always good. Even if you don't meet a date, you may make new friends that way.

Plus you can try something new that you may not have thought would be your thing. I was super shy but gained confidence by forcing myself to do these things without friends so I would be forced to get out of my shell.

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I suggest trying a couple things at once. One that super appeals to you and maybe one that you've been curious about. Plus, this leads to a more diverse dating pool or new friends to be made. They can feel their chests tightening just thinking about it. My best advice is just stay off the dating apps. Especially the free ones. Stay out of the nightclubs too, same reason. I use the apps and it for sure is the best way to quickly meet a lot of people. You, and everyone else on it, see how quickly you can find a date. If I wanted to, I could have a date lined up every single night of the week - no exaggeration.

Because of that, it trains people to not really accept flaws in the people they see, because they know there will be someone else tomorrow I am very guilty of this myself. Before dating apps, you only met a couple of prospects a year for most people. You were willing to get to know the person, to understand their flaws or differences, and accept them in order to make a relationship work. Women make sex more difficult to get than men would like, so in response men act more interested than they are to get it.

I literally fucked this guy on our first date. Old school I guess. That comment above about how people in the dating apps and up with too many prospects and become unwilling to accept flaws is spot-on. If the right person comes along, then great. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a Seattle related link. Submit a Seattle related post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.