Aura kingdom matchmaking

This would make it more fair and we could avoid the above issues because someone 1 hit KO all the rival party.

Is Aura Kingdom Worth Playing In 2018? An MMORPG Aura Kingdom Review!

Originally Posted by Logan. The actual pvp matching is a bit unfair, making to unbalanced teams which actual leads to a very bad pvp experience, players going afk, etc.

Although I understand the reason behind this suggestion, coding speaking I don't see a way to implement it. Think about it, the game will have to classify you regarging the power of your gear, but based in which criteria?

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If you have yellow items? If your items are beyond which level of enchant? If you have or not fortifications?

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If your stats are beyond x? Creating that sort of categories are complicated to begin with, not only deciding on what may be "fair" but to make the game actually recognize them. And then, you also have to add a function so items cannot be unequipped inside the battle field, or abusing it would be beyond simple.

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It's not a matter on how complicated it will be to do it, but the fact that I believe is almost -if not- impossible. I understand how annoying is getting defeated by people with higher gears; but isn't that also the purpose of games? You get defeated easily at the beginning, but you work on your gears and end up being the one with the victory.

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At your side will be a faithful companion, a non-traditional pet that can join you in special attack combos, bond with you, and even share memories of past events. Far more than simple pets, companions can be evolved, utilize incredible combo attacks, and talk with you about past exploits.

Aura kingdom matchmaking

A wide variety of skills is available at your command, easily changed to fit any situation. Pick which abilities to power up according to your style of gameplay. Fluid and Fast-Paced Combat: Glide through the environment and outmaneuver your enemies to survive dynamic attacks and abilities. A World of Wonder: Explore an unfamiliar world brought to life with a gorgeous, detailed anime art style.