Dating a gamer girl

Jul 3, 8. It works well for me.

Video Game Girlfriend

If I'm chilling at his place I let him game with his buddies while I game on the side. And in between we find plenty of time for eachother. Jul 3, 9. Jul 3, You have to carry her in most games and she'll get hit on constantly. TexasPhantom , Jul 3, If she is one of those "proud to be female" gamers. They have an ego bigger than any dude I know because nerds everywhere have boners for them.

Dos and Don'ts of Dating A Girl Gamer - Armed Gamer

OP is stalking a girl on facebook and wanting to know peoples opinion of his soon to be fake girlfriend. Therealrhyno , Jul 3, I have to say, I don't think I'd date a gamer girl fuck, sure.

My wife is horrid at video games and doesn't bother with them, but she's far more active than I am, and I don't think that I'd work out or eat right or any of the other productive things I do if it weren't for her influence. NarrowFomalhaut , Jul 3, Awesomeness , Jul 3, Sorry pic didn't upload, here it is my bad View attachment InfiniteZr0 , Jul 3, I couldn't NOT date a gamer girl.

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Games are a huge part of my life and having a significant other that wasn't interested in it would be quite a significant deal breaker. Thank God my girlfriend is not only a gamer, but one with tastes that almost exactly match mine. We game together a lot, and it's fucking awesome.

Sonic , Jul 3, Forget to swap off roles in real life too. Get creative with your choices, like in any good relationship. Translate that logic to MOBA builds. Jungle Sona is not a thing.

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Have an open dialog about your relationship. Have that open dialog on public voice chat with the rest of your guild. Experiment in the bedroom.

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Count yourself lucky, because finding a good girl with nerdy interests can be tough. Be a misogynistic douche and ruin the potential of finding girls like that by driving them out of a community. With these things in mind, go forth and date. Whiskey Ginger is a scientist by day and comedy writer by night. Other than his passions for the nerdier things in life, he also writes for comedy sites dedicated to fraternity and postgrad humor.

Just girl gamer things: Do girls like to date gamers?

His parents just wish he'd write less dick jokes. About Whiskey Ginger Whiskey Ginger is a scientist by day and comedy writer by night. Cheating in Video Games: Is it that bad?