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A pair of Victorian Staffordshire Creamware figures of a hunter and his Wife, 19th century, He with a hunting horn and accompanied by a hound and she holding a basket of produce and carrying dead game birds, in predominantly blue and green glazes with some Show 1 more like this. A Staffordshire King Charles Spaniel, circa s, the press moulded white spaniel with an apricot snout and yellow eyes, picked out with black, wearing a locket and chain and further decorated with sparse faded soft gilt enrichments, height 25 cm Show 18 more like this.

Pair antique Staffordshire poodle figures, applied white and black spotted decoration. Height 6 cm each. Show 13 more like this. Victorian Staffordshire flatback spill vase, with horse and hound figures. Height 27 cm Provenance: Show 1 more like this. Height 19 cm Provenance: Show 30 more like this. A Victorian Staffordshire two handled loving cup, the exterior moulded with game birds and dogs, the interior with a surprise frog.

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Pair of framed painted Staffordshire dogs, each 28 cm x 23 cm 2. Staffordshire figural vase , highland girl with dog, height 26 cm Show 1 more like this.

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Staffordshire figure , hunter with dog, height 40 cm Show 3 more like this. Staffordshire figures , pair of spaniels, height 28 cm Show 32 more like this. A pair of Staffordshire spaniels, English 19th century, 33 cm high Show 11 more like this. A Staffordshire Pottery platinum lustre hunting jug, circa , the moulded jug decorated to both sides with hunters and their dogs in relief, trailing grapevines to the rim and lappet borders to the base, in green, purple and lemon colours, height Pair of Staffordshire mantle dogs, A near pair of Staffordshire Pottery King Charles spaniels, second half 19th century, the press moulded spaniels painted to the front in ruby colours upon white with feathering, gold details to the collar and locket partly faded to mauve, with individually Show 19 more like this.

A Victorian Staffordshire pottery figure of a seated spaniel circa , 38 cm high Show 24 more like this. An early and large pair of Staffordshire spaniels with Separate front leg, circa , painted in rare design with grey paws and lustre collar and chain, 31 cm high. A collection of Staffordshire Dalmations, including Inkstands, Tallest 16 cm Pair of Staffordshire Spaniel figures, 32 cm high Show 21 more like this. A Victorian Staffordshire King Charles spaniel, small size, brown and gilt highlights, c.

Show 14 more like this. Pair of Staffordshire dogs Show 13 more like this. Pair of Victorian dog figurines Staffordshire Show 28 more like this. A Staffordshire ceramic figure of a Spaniel, height 20 cm Show 10 more like this. Rockingham glazed Staffordshire style pottery dog and recumbant lion, late 19th century, Dog: Early Staffordshire poodle , 23 cm high, old repair to one leg Show 16 more like this.

Three Staffordshire poodles , the largest 24 cm high Show 7 more like this. Three Staffordshire spaniels , the largest 21 cm high Show 19 more like this. Pair of antique Staffordshire greyhound inkwells, 12 cm high approx. Show 10 more like this. A Staffordshire spaniel jug , 19th century, 28 cm high. Pair of 19th century Staffordshire dogs Show 45 more like this. Pair of Staffordshire figures of poodles with pups, each 20 cm high 2 Show 25 more like this. Pair of Staffordshire dogs , marked and inscribed to the base.

Height 19 cm Show 12 more like this. Pair of antique Staffordshire greyhound inkwells 16 cm long approx. Show 5 more like this.


Pair of antique Staffordshire poodle inkwells 14 cm high approx. Show 2 more like this. Antique Victorian large Staffordshire greyhound and rabbit figure group, approx 28 cm high Show 7 more like this. Staffordshire flatback two poodles Show 21 more like this.


Antique Staffordshire figure of a greyhound, approx 9 cm high, 16 cmL. A Staffordshire flat back figure of a Whippet. A pair of Victorian Staffordshire dogs with children, circa , the press moulded pair of white seated dogs raised on oval grapevine decorated bases, with girl and boy children upon their backs each with doves upon their shoulders, the glaze with some bl Show 13 more like this. A 19th century Staffordshire figure of a girl and her dog Show 1 more like this. Decorative Staffordshire spaniel figurine height 27 cm approx Show 29 more like this.

Staffordshire figure of a hound resting on base Show 1 more like this. Two Staffordshire dog figurines. Height 23 cm tallest approx Show 30 more like this. Rare pair of miniature Staffordshire poodles. Pair of Staffordshire spaniels 19th century. Collection of Margot Montgomery Show 36 more like this. Staffordshire Spaniel 19th century together with small ceramic pug 2. Collection of Margot Montgomery Show 28 more like this. The quality of the modeling and painting of the Staffordshire dogs may differ.

The figures continued to be made until the s and early models are of the better quality. However, reproductions were still being manufactured in The spaniels come in sizes from a little over a foot to a few inches high. They were all decorated by hand, that is why all the figurines are different.

The base coat is layered over with polka dots or brushed patches of rust, copper luster, or black. Disraeli spaniels feature painted curls on their foreheads; Jackson spaniels are entirely black. Some have glass eyes, some painted.

Staffordshire Dogs

The most frequent model features front legs moulded to the body; rarer models have one or two distinct front legs. A rare group of spaniel figurines do have utilitarian purposes: Children as young as seven or eight years were paid two shillings a week to paint the gold chains often included on the spaniels in the s.

The Staffordshire spaniel is tied to the history of the King Charles Spaniel. These spaniels became great favourites of the British monarchs.

Staffordshire Dogs

King Charles I — had a spaniel as a young boy. You can also find other Staffordshire dog breeds, such as pugs, afghans, greyhounds, collies, poodles, and Dalmatians. There is a popular Scottish poem by an unknown author dedicated to "The Wally Dug". I aye mind o' that wee hoose that stood on the brae, Its lum was aye reekin', its roof made o' stray.

The ootside was bonny, the inside was snug, But whit I mind best o' was the wee wally dug. It stood in a corner, high up on the shelf, And keepit an ee on the best o' the delf. It was washed twice a year, frae its tail tae its lug, And pit back on the shelf, was the wee wally dug. When oor John got mairrit tae sweet Jeannie Blue, The auld folks they gied him a horse an' a coo, But when I left the hoose, ma hert gied a tug, For a' mither gied me was the wee wally dug.

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  • There's an auld saying, 'Ne'er look a gift horse in the moo', But I looked that wee dug frae its tail tae its broo' An' a fun' a wee slit at the back o' its lug, It was stuffed fu' o' notes, was the wee wally dug. I tain it hame tae oor Lizzle tae pit on a shelf, An' I telt her the worth o' that wee bit o' delf. An' we aye feed it yet through that hole in its lug, It's a guid bit o' stuff, is the wee wally dug.

    Various examples of staffordshire dog figurines were included in the Marx-Lambert collection, which was put on display at Compton Verney House in There are various tales said to portray the usefulness of placing the Staffordshire spaniel figurines on window sills. One story is that a woman could place the ornaments in her front window; if the spaniels were turned back to back, it meant her husband was at home.