Destiny matchmaking issues

Love having a good tram to fight against but I leave when I have a shot team avoiding the objective. Soooo, what has bungie changed recently? First few days were great and was having heaps of fun. The last few days though have been terrible.

Destiny reports

Words can't describe the lag that has been in the crucible. Ive never seen it this bad the whole time ive played destiny inc d1. One person doesn't usually contribute that much to the team.

Many players feel skill-based matchmaking has returned, and they're sad to see it back.

No hate but most current maps are awful for 6v6 when playing solo they are simply too small since they were designed for 4v4, however if you're not playing solo and can have that communication it does seem to work well just not for teams who aren't communicating. How about an actual timeline? Hell, how about a daily progress report about this? Get skill based back. This is a ridiculous mess.

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  • Here are all the known issues in Destiny 2: Warmind and update 1.2.0.
  • Many players feel skill-based matchmaking has returned, and they're sad to see it back.!
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  • Known Issue: Quickplay Matchmaking > Destiny 2 | Forums |;

You people need to stick to inhale and exhale and wait to be told what to do. Noticing the telltale forced losses again.

Destiny 2 Blind Well matchmaking bug requires slow walking

Thought i noticed the other day, but just did one game where i cleared a 3. Kad, then won the next game with over a 2. So they've switched that back on. Dear bungie,matchmaking is a problem,but there is even bigger problem in PVP https: How about fixing your shitty ass servers. This current pvp is a ridiculous amount of fun. Also, the fact that CBM is favoured now makes the games a lot smoother, with less bs.

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Destiny 2: The Problem With Skill-Based Matchmaking

I already have nf. We are at 4k points. Leviathan — Prestige — Royal Pools. Have 4 looming for 2 more for fun: If you need a good group to help you get all your activities done please send me a message on psn and well go over some of the rules. Need 1 for Gofannon Forge. Just looking for a quick challenge mode run. Running it on my Hunter. Need 2 for the izanami strike "rekindle the flames".

Eater of Worlds — Raid Lair. Riven Cheese bring cb rockets - be happy and enjoy. Izunami burden sniper quest. Need someone to show me the way to do the chests for Whisper quest. Looking for 1 more to chill and do this, am willing to take first timers. Looking to do a fresh last wish run. Done it many times and can do every role. Need 2 for nf grind, got 1. LF2 to farm any nightfall for nightfall specific loot. Need 2 for comp bring, got 1.

Last Wish — Fresh. Nightfall Looking to complete NF and k. Anything Forsaken Want to speed up progress for Super Charged rare bounty.

Destiny 2 Blind Well matchmaking fix is walking slowly

Nightfall Quick K no mic nightfall. Last Wish Fresh run. Scourge of the Past - Raid hunter experienced lf fresh. Scourge of the Past - Raid looking for 1 experienced for a 2 man insurrection prime.