I want a matchmaking redo

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I want a matchmaking redo.

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  • Matchmakers' new game: Give clients a redo > Master Matchmakers.

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Matchmakers' new game: Give clients a redo

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  5. I want a matchmaking redo. This letter is generated upon joining random play.;
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    You are not logged in. Please login or register. I want a matchmaking redo tesiterrest. Spike User Inactive Registered: Christian single mom dating advice What is christian dating advice Dating during divorce missouri Tips to succeed in online dating Speed dating tonight roles.

    I want a matchmaking redo.


    Scoop User Inactive Registered: Clans are not massively better than IS mechs, unlike the board Once it partook thwart, the mercury correlated into 32, various is the burning bus. Gigi User Inactive Registered: Cobra User Inactive Registered: Small User Inactive Registered: Camille User Inactive Registered: Mule User Inactive Registered: I have one, and I don't always use it because half the time, the kids who DO use them are plain stupid.

    I want a matchmaking redo. Skyforge Review and Download - MMOBomb

    I started a game once, two kids with mics at level 20 and Me at 25, and another no mic-er at Soon as the game starts, one of the mic'ed up kids goes "Ok, us two with mics are gonna go upstairs, you two guys go downstairs. Then I died standing too close to my window knifing, yeah sue me, it happens , and Mr. Microphone goes "Oh god already!? This is gonna be a bad game. So think again if you believe you're awesome just cause you use a mic and I don't. And again, the stupid lobby within a lobby is definitely redundant. Get rid of it. Why do people sign on to play zombies and walk away from their ps3???

    I made food, ate it, watched a whole episode of Bill Maher and the game still wasn't started. One guy did ready up and sat there with me through the entire thing. That's why I have a two minute wait limit, because some of these guys seem to have just forgotten that their PS3 is on and in public matchmaking, which wastes everyones time. More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device.

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    Forgot your username or password? Rikomi Rikomi 7 years ago 1 And make it more like the multiplayer matchmaking. I'm tired of joining lobby after lobby because everyone is AFK. Once you select zombies, you start off in a private lobby. You hit find a match when your ready to play, it finds the players and the timer starts to count down and the game begins. No ready up required. What is this lobby in a lobby stuff?