Is he dating me because hes lonely

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You went on a date last night with someone new. You get that he is being super nice and trying to impress you. You call him up and thank him for the beautiful flowers. You also agree to go to the street market with him tomorrow. Tomorrow arrives and, again, you had a great time.

The only thing is he bought you a bunch of stuff and it made you feel a bit awkward.

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The two of you are just getting to know each other and yet you feel as though he is trying to buy your love. That is not what you want in a relationship. You call him up and explain to him how you feel. Lo and behold, he does it again the next time the two of you go out. Now it is getting creepy and you firmly believe that this guy is trying to buy you. You back off and eventually you stop answering his phone calls. You are out skiing with your college friends and this guy, all bundled up, walks up to you and asks if you would like to go join him in the lounge for a coffee or hot cocoa.

You have never seen him before, as far as you can tell, and it is kind of creepy that he is asking you for a hot drink date while you are both bundled up in layers.

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You tell him no, but then he nods towards your friends. You automatically raise an eyebrow and instinctively tell him that everyone in your party has a boyfriend.

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  • 7 Secret Signs He’s Into You – Not The Usual Signs To Watch For.
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He backs off and, as you watch him, you see him approach another woman. You did the right thing. The guy was desperate and because he asked you about your friends, he is desperate to be with anyone. You know you deserve someone who wants only you, so you head back over to your friends and enjoy the rest of your vacation. It is a lazy Sunday afternoon and you just finished doing some cleaning. It is now time for you to kick back on the sofa and catch up on reading. No sooner do you open your book than someone knocks on your apartment door.

You set the book down and look through the peephole. Eventually you open the door to talk to Roger face to face. He is interested in getting together with you. For some unknown reason, he thought stopping by unannounced was a great idea. All you have to do is watch his behavior.

15 Signs He's Desperate To Be In A Relationship With Anyone

In the night clubs, you can spot the desperate guy way easily. He is always the one who will stroll through the night club, doing a head count on available women. If he likes his odds, he will stay and hang out with his guy friends while checking out every woman in the place from head to toe. After he gets comfortable and has a drink or two, he will start approaching women, one at a time, and receive rejection after rejection. What kind of woman wants to get with a guy who is desperate enough to get with any woman?

When you see this type of desperate guy lurking about, do yourself a favor and avoid all eye contact with him. This guy you just met calls you out of the blue and asks if you want to hang out this afternoon. What kind of guy would want to take away your time with your family? You tell him that is not going to happen. Desperate men will try anything to weasel their way into your life or the life of one of your friends or family members. Some men think that flattery will get them everywhere.

It should immediately set off the red flags when a guy suddenly tells you that you are the most amazing woman he has ever met, and he has only known you for ten minutes. Does he call or text you after working, hoping you had a wonderful day, wanting to see you as soon as possible? He wants to drink with someone else.

And he will make you feel special. And then he will drop you off and be on his way, not even looking back. I know you do. You know your worth. You are instant gratification for him. You are a toy for him. And he knows how to press onto your buttons. Let him rot in his loneliness. Let him stew in his drunkenness. Let him drown in his lies. He sees that you are a better person that he is instead of seeing you as his equal.

When a guy loves you, he lets you see all of him. He chooses his fear of losing you forever over his fear of being seen.

When He Says, "Let's Just See What Happens"😒

He lets you love him for his flaws, imperfections and the broken pieces. He lets you see him vulnerable especially in his most insecure moments. He opens-up to you about his fears, weaknesses and childhood wounds. He tells you about the time he almost lost hope in living. He tells you how the loss of someone who meant the world to him changed him.

When a guy loves you, he allows you to know his bad tendencies. When a guy is leading you on, he always postpones everything. He rarely makes plans with you.

And if he does, he cancels on you. He says that he would rather go on vacation with you next year instead of this one. He tells you that he wants to meet your parents when the timing is right. He introduces you to his friends as a good friend of his and not as a love interest or an almost girlfriend. When a guy loves you, he wants the same things you want.

He still wants the things he wants as his own person, but he wants the things that you want because he understands that successful relationships are about teamwork not just about the individual. You both want to start a family but perhaps, not at the same time.

He gives you time to get where you need to be just like you would for him. When a guy loves you, he sees life in an equivalent way that see it. You have the same values, period. When a guy loves you, he wants you to be the best version of yourself even if it means that he must make some sacrifices. When a guy is leading you on, he comes up with the most convincing excuses ever. He makes timing an excuse, he makes your differences an excuse, he makes distance an excuse. When a guy loves you, he forgives you. He understands that you are human and that you have your moments, too.

When a guy loves you, he calls you out on your shortcomings. He does not internalize his disappointment instead, he addresses it with you respectfully and maturely. He holds his standards high but he knows that we all make mistakes sometimes. He turns every argument into a learning experience. He always makes the best out of each situation and allows hardship in your relationship to bring you closer and make you a stronger couple.

When a guy loves you, he loves you when you are at your best and when you are at your worst. When a guy is leading you on, he gives you mixed signals.