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In October , Romanians made up The largest ethnic minorities are the Hungarians , 6. The total fertility rate TFR in was estimated at 1. The official language is Romanian , a Romance language the most widely spoken of the Eastern Romance branch , which presents a consistent degree of similarity to Aromanian , Megleno-Romanian , and Istro-Romanian , but equally shares many features with the rest of the Western Romance languages , specifically Italian , French , Spanish , Portuguese , and Catalan. There are also approximately 50, native speakers of Ukrainian concentrated in some compact regions, near the border, where they form local majorities , [] 25, native speakers of German , and some native speakers 32, Turkish living in Romania.

Foreign citizens and stateless persons that live in Romania have access to justice and education in their own language. Romania is a secular state and has no state religion. An overwhelming majority of the population identify themselves as Christians. At the country's census, Other denominations include Protestantism 6. Moreover, 39, people have no religion or are atheist , whilst the religion of the rest is unknown.

The Romanian Orthodox Church is an autocephalous Eastern Orthodox Church in full communion with other Orthodox churches, with a Patriarch as its leader. It is the second-largest Orthodox Church in the world [ citation needed ] , and unlike other Orthodox churches, it functions within a Latin culture and utilizes a Romance liturgical language.

Its larger urban zone has a population of almost 2. Since the Romanian Revolution of , the Romanian educational system has been in a continuous process of reform that has received mixed criticism. Out of these, , in kindergarten 3—6 years , 3. There also exists a semi-legal, informal private tutoring system used mostly during secondary school, which has prospered during the Communist regime.

Higher education is aligned with the European higher education area. The state is obliged to fund public hospitals and clinics. The most common causes of death are cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Transmissible diseases, such as tuberculosis , syphilis or viral hepatitis , are quite common by European standards. The topic of the origin of the Romanians began to be discussed by the end of the 18th century among the Transylvanian School scholars. The annual George Enescu Festival is held in Bucharest in honor of the 20th-century eponymous composer.

Contemporary musicians like Angela Gheorghiu , Gheorghe Zamfir , [] [] Inna , [] Alexandra Stan [] and many others have achieved various levels of international acclaim. At the Eurovision Song Contest Romanian singers have achieved third place in and In cinema, several movies of the Romanian New Wave have achieved international acclaim. There are 12 non-working public holidays, including the Great Union Day , celebrated on 1 December in commemoration of the union of Transylvania with Romania.

Romanian cuisine has been influenced by Austrian and German cuisine especially in the historical regions that had been formerly administered by the Habsburg Monarchy , but also shares some similarities with other cuisines in the Balkan region such as the Greek , Bulgarian , or Serbian cuisine.

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Pork, chicken, and beef are the preferred types of meat, but lamb and fish are also quite popular. Association football soccer is the most popular sport in Romania with over , registered players as of [update]. The Romania national football team played its first match in and is one of only four national teams to have taken part in the first three FIFA World Cups , the other three being Brazil, France, and Belgium.

Tennis is the second-most-popular sport, with over 15, registered players. Virginia Ruzici won the French Open in , and was runner-up in , Simona Halep won in and was runner up in and She is currently ranked 1st by the WTA. Other popular team sports are team handball , [] basketball [] and rugby union. Both the men's and women's handball national teams are multiple world champions. In , Romania was chosen as a host for the EuroBasket. The rugby national team has competed in every Rugby World Cup. Romania participated in the Olympic Games for the first time in and has taken part in 21 of the 28 summer games.

It has been one of the more successful countries at the Summer Olympic Games , with a total of medals won throughout the years, of which 89 gold ones, ranking 15th overall , and second of the nations that have never hosted the game. It participated at the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles and finished second in gold medals 20 and third in total medal count From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Romania disambiguation. Show map of Europe. Independence proclaimed on 9 May , internationally recognised in The union of Romania with Bessarabia , Bukovina and Transylvania in Monarchy was abolished on 30 December upon the proclamation of the People's Republic and was changed with the new constitution upon its adoption on 21 August as the Socialist Republic.

The Communist regime fell on 22 December , the new democratic government was installed on 20 May and the new post-communist constitution was adopted on 21 November Romania joined the European Union on 1 January The neutrality of this section is disputed. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Decebalus , king of Dacia , as depicted in Cartea omului matur Trajan , the Roman emperor , is also considered a Romanian forefather. The three principalities of Wallachia , Moldavia , and Transylvania under the reign of Michael the Brave. Michael the Brave was assassinated on 9 August, Late 19th century ethnic map of Central Europe depicting predominantly Romanian-inhabited territories in blue. Hungarians are marked in yellow and Germans in pink. A British map showing territories with majority Romanian populations marked in black and surrounding enclaves of German-speaking minorities in red.

Socialist Republic of Romania.

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  5. History of Romania since Geography of Romania and Climate of Romania. Politics of Romania and Government of Romania. Foreign relations of Romania. Romanian Armed Forces and Military history of Romania. Administrative divisions of Romania. Agriculture in Romania and Industry of Romania. Transport in Romania and Energy in Romania. Putna Monastery in Bukovina , the oldest of the medieval churches of Moldavia. Mamaia Black Sea resort.

    Science and technology in Romania and List of Romanian inventors and discoverers. Minorities of Romania and Romanian diaspora. Romanian language and Languages of Romania. Origin of the words in Romanian [] [] Romance. Religion in Romania and Romanian Orthodox Church. List of cities and towns in Romania and Metropolitan Areas in Romania.

    Largest cities in Romania Census []. Culture of Romania and National symbols of Romania. List of films shot in Romania.

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    Archived from the original on 14 September Archived from the original on 11 March Archived PDF from the original on 12 January Retrieved 28 January Archived from the original on 29 September S, Steam, Mexico, Chile, Dresden. Looking for a date online or a much, find irresistible Clam singles on our best free dating sites and find your boyfriend with ease.

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    MSA Agency signed him as their child model in Rumors are that San Jose is currently in a relationship with fellow dancer Maddie Ziegler since None of them has confirmed the rumor yet. Currently, there are no other rumors of him being in any affairs. Also, there are no any rumors regarding his professional life. He has not been in any controversy till now. Moving towards his body measurements, San Jose is 5 feet 6 inches 1. He weighs 50 kg.