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If she's the Taylor Swift of South Korea, well soon she'll be touring a stadium tour, selling platinums and platinums of songs and albums, have 10 Grammys and become one of the best female artist in the world. Another fan, kdrama chingu itsurchingu , pointed out that Suzy has only dated two guys since her debut in Prior to dating Lee Dong-wook, Suzy dated actor Lee Min-ho for two-and-a-half years, from to The two cited unspecified personal reasons as the cause of their break-up, although it was speculated that Min-ho's mandatory military public service may be the reason.

Netizens are asking who will Suzy's next "victim" be. Moreover, because both her ex-boyfriends have the same surname "Lee," netizens were asking who is the next "Lee" Suzy will date. But some fans turned our to be seriously contemplative about the issue. A certain Namoo xxAsSaToOUxx pointed out the fact that while Suzy is receiving a backlash over the break-up, no one is saying anything about her ex-boyfriend.

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Everyone is talking about Suzy but no one is saying anything about Dong Wook Other fans echoed this thought. All the negative attention and hate goes to the girl when a couple breaks up.. I hope Suzy is doing okay with all these media articles revolving around her love life.

And the sad thing is, most of the mean comments are from women.

I mean aren't women supposed to support fellow women. Every normal girl goes through break up," remarked the fan.

Lee Seung Gi (이승기) Suzy (수지) It Girl MV

Rubbish idol who cant act and you dare put him 1st lmao. Idol trash cant even emote and execute nuance and depth acting. Other actors will destroy your rubbish idol in acting skills. Your trash idol has 0 acting skills lmao. All other actors will destroy your trash idol in acting period. No pd or writers wants to cast your 0 acting skills noob idol trash who cant act to save his life lmao that why there are no offers for your trash idol. My opinion may not be important. While KYJ is 19 yo.

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I think we can see clearly their age by looking at their physical appearances. If they change with older cast, should they change the character? I mean twenty something guy is usually different with thirty something guy, right? Why bother with actors real life age difference? Great actors can make themselves look mature and young depending on the age of the character. I hope he declines and they look at actors who are at most in their late 20s. I agree with you. But sadly all these actors you mentioned are busy, sigh! I think maybe thats why they have to find an older actor.

No idea why they have to pair the 3 Kims with actors more than a decade older than them when there are so many young actors around these days. It is more wrong to think of the actors as if they are playing themselves. FYI, they will be playing a character. YKS definitely meets the height requirement of the webtoon. Look-wise I am not too sure… Age at 31? Too bad that Jang Ki Yong is not available. Can the drama Clean wait until Come and Hug Me complete? He is available though. This starts filming in August. The problem is are the production team even considering him?

Or is he willing to film two dramas back to back? Ah can she please sort out that fiasco with that Yang Ye Won. I mean good on her for securing this drama but first things first. Sorry the story does not appeal so not on the watch list and not because of the leads.

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She casted idols, krystal for example, but literally not for main leads.. As someone who already got Best Actress awards, she wont step down for 2nd lead. And drama needs cf.


Congrats to them for their choice. Wishing them some good luck because they are going to need it. Suzy looks so much better in pictorials than red carpet and candid pictures. She should have just focused on her strength which is being a CF model and left the acting to someone else. Well, she needs to secure the CFs with acting in dramas too so.. I guess I can understand why she still insists on acting.

She is a very good singer but not a good actress. Is she a strong enough vocalist for a solo career? Her insistance in persuing single mindly an acting career is only going to hurt her on the long run. She is nowhere good enough to be getting main lead roles and everyone knows she is getting those because A. See the irony Her youth and looks can only help for a while to keep her popularity but… Popularity is only a fickle thing.

It takes very little to loose the publics interest or their good will. Eventually she is going to be held to the same standars that other actresses are held by the public to be consider real good. So far she is getting bad feedback on her acting and if this project fails is going to be squarelly on her shoulders because she is the weakess link in a production that is pretty strong and be proven succesful.

Suzy-ssi you wants to be an actress instead of a singer.

Suzy Seung Gi Dating | ВКонтакте

You obviously are a much talented singer. Singing and acting is a big no. Her vocal is very weak actually, the weakest in Miss A. She is still bankable now so JYP will market her in whatever places she will sell. She cannot dance, she only knows to stick her butt out and swing it. I only agree that she looks good on pictorials when photoshopped. Well I liked rutuja family book no stellar performances but it was interesting. Well if its interesting and has decent to good acting ill watch.

Still i think lee seungi best performance was king to hearts.

Photos of mix-and-match couple Lee Seunggi x Suzy, Lee Minho x Yoona go viral

Sadly your long essay is prove that you know nothing about her, let me tell you Her popularity,her cf work all begin because movie introduction to architecture, not because she as idol singer lol. She got popular in male community sites since her debut though. So to put it simply, since her debut, she was noticed because of her girl next door aura and beauty and miss A even got a daesang in their debut year.

People never liked Suzy for her acting except her diehard delulu fans , they liked because of her visuals and image. Actresses still have a longer career and top actresses the Meryl Streep level actresses who are critically acclaimed stay in the business for a very long time and stay respected in their main profession. Idol fans will only do so much, unless Suzy starts quickly attending acting schools and her acting miraculously gets better. Aigooo stop confusing me,, you said she is not pretty, bad visual on red carpet, only good bcs photoshoop, now you said she is popular bcs her visual lol.

Fyi missA got daesang bcs their song is good, liked their song doesnt mean became their fandom. Okey they got dasang but is it transfered to their fandom and popularity? Anw why busy thinking about her next career, either she will long last or not, flop or not,,let she do her job hahahaha.

Ice Cream First of all is Selene not Selena. There is a difference. I would love to be a Selena because I admired Selena Quintanilla Perez a great deal but that is not the case. Second honestly I think you need to check your facts before you take it upon yourself to correct others. Since prettyautumn already took the time to type a legitimate post with actual facts I will leave it there. Oooppppssss Selene,,im good when it comes to good person. Ah next time before you write a long essay do some research.

This genre is risky.

Suzy Will Be Reuniting With This Korean Actor In New Drama

Was Athena a hit? Iris 2 is a sure flop. Someone said suzy should try her luck on Kim eun sook drama..


Shes chooses her cast with care. She knew that her scripts suck so that she choose real actors who can act. Even iu acting very good in my ajushi. Great casting and really looking forward to this. Oh wow, with all that super budget why not cast some great actors thou.